D3S Mercedes Antos ’12 for ATS 1.32

– Standalone
– Buy in Peterbilt dealer
– Lot of tuning
– Quality midPoly 3D model
– HQ texture and shadow map
– Includes all default paintjobs SCS
– SiSL accesories DLC support

Tested on ATS game version

Installation note: Unpack rar archive with WinRAR or 7-zip(freeware) to your ATS game mod folder. Activate mod in mod manager.

DANZ, revision-dobr4060,thanks to VITALIK_PRO100, SHAMAN и Knox_xss; ATS adaption vasja555


5 thoughts on “D3S Mercedes Antos ’12 for ATS 1.32

  1. Hi there!. Amazing mod except the truck has no sound? i cant hear the engine the indicators or any other sounds that should come from the truck. please help?

  2. to malcolm
    Put this mod above other truck mods. That should fix this problem.

  3. What’s the point of the TIR sign on the front of the cab?

  4. can+verify+this+truck+has+no+engine+sounds+no+matter+where+I+place+it+in+the+Mods+Manager+.+Above+other+truck+mods+or+clear+at+the+top

  5. Lo bonito de este tractocamion es su defensa, tomas de aire y piezas laterales en plastico gris oscuro. tu se los quitaste! que mal… fix. gracias.

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