Interstate 10 Map v 1.1 Updated

interstate-10-map-1 interstate-10-map-2 interstate-10-map-3

ATS v1.4 Compatible!
Mexuscam v1.11.1 CCompatible!
Coast To Coast v1.9 Compatible!

* Million Dollar HIighway Enhanced
* Now With Enviroment Sounds
* Seagulls and waves at the beach, crickets and birds in the forest, racing diesels at the louisiana raceway, air wrenches at the garage)

* Coast to Coast v1.9

Loading order:
* Mexuscan v1.11.1
* Interstate 10 v1.1
* Coast to Coast v1.9

Author: Rickpp


8 thoughts on “Interstate 10 Map v 1.1 Updated

  1. The+map+coast+to+coast+v1.9+does+not+exist,+there+is+the+v1.7+/+2

    1. Blackspots

      Yes it does. Go to the SCS forums, you’ll find it there.

  2. It crashes with the MHAPro Map dough.

  3. Alexandre Lebrun

    coast toi coast 1.9 is not release where version 1.9 ?

  4. enrique quiroz

    hello, there is an error on Highway 96 to Toronto route grand rapids, north of the factories of Detroit city … the way this supposedly closed by yellow direction arrows that you send to Detroit city itself but can cross them. Correct the error. Thank you

  5. Jorge eliecer

    Coast esta malo tiene ciudades que el juego se sale y caminos que el camion se unde.

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