Mexuscan 1.11.1


Coast 2 Coast v1.9 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-Mexuscan 1.11.1
2-Coast 2 Coast 1.9

*compatible with C2C 1.9
*add ice road project from Rickpp
*add airport to san diego
*fix zoom map

Official Mexuscan link:
Official Coast 2 Coast link:



14 thoughts on “Mexuscan 1.11.1

  1. Thx a lot for new update.

  2. there is no C2C 1.9, latest version is 1.8, or I am wrong?

      1. thanks for the link

    1. yes, check the second link in the description ^^

  3. there is a c2c 1.9 but it is only on the scs forums, also even with c2c 1.9 my game crash when i try to take a job. (with 11 it did not)

    1. Make sure :
      1. Mexuscan 1.11.1
      2. C2C 1.9
      Note: ” but it is only on the scs Forums”
      OK…because of offical link from scs…crash ur game ….huh ?
      May incompatible mods in ur Game or set wrong priority

  4. Thank you very much, works fine with C2C 1.9 but a patch is needed for MHA 1.4 as this shows a number of breaks in the C2C map, and I have got the files in order. The existing patch is for MHA 1.32 which does not work on ATS 1.4. A shame because MHA enhances the map.

  5. Nice Ice Road Project.
    Works fine for me.
    And righto paulfred…needed patch f. MHA

    Good Job, bro

  6. Steve Hollar

    Still crashes and freezes my computer when I drive up to Anchorage. No snow, ice, or mountains anymore either. What’s up with that? Enjoying Mexicali map much more.

  7. Peter Klemmensen

    What has happened to La Paz in Mexico. It was there in 1.10, but it is no longer there now. Why is that?

  8. not compatible with version 1.42.2

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