Viva Mexico Map 0.9b (Baja California) Project

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Compatible 1.4.x American Truck Simulator

A new project, build most of the cities of Mexico, beginning with Baja California, northern Mexico state …

This is a beta version, the goal is to build a state per month …

New cities:

San Felipe
El Rosario
Punta Prieta
Guerrero Negro

Moreover, it includes a pack of skins of American and Mexican companies, enjoy it!

Un nuevo proyecto, construir la mayor parte de las ciudades de México, comenzando por Baja California, estado del norte del país…

Estas es una versión beta, el objetivo es construir un estado por mes…

Nuevas Ciudades:

San Felipe
El Rosario
Punta Prieta
Guerrero Negro

¡Además, incluye un pack de skins de compañías americanas y mexicanas, disfrútenlo!

Author: hugoces


36 thoughts on “Viva Mexico Map 0.9b (Baja California) Project

  1. Alexandre Lebrun

    Is compatible of coast to coast 1.9 and Meuxucan 1.11 ?

    1. AlvaroTrucker

      At this moment no :(

  2. looking forward to test this, excellent work !

    1. done some driving, very nice indeed, sure a few minor bug issues (biggest is the connection in San Diego, it didn’t look that smooth), but it’sa Beta as U said, looking forward to see more of Mexico. (did some small adjustments so I have it fully working with the other maps, so it is possible)

      1. paul greygoose

        hi mike. got no roads on my world map & doesn’t work with any of my maps,
        c2c, mexuscan. what did u do to get it working?
        many thanks Paul.

  3. LuisEnriqueA

    Hay un problema, cuando enciendes el camion aparece una cosa extrana roja en el parabrisas no se a que se deba o a lo mejor solo me pasa a mi.

  4. Mega project. Look awesome. I wish U a lot free time to do it ;)
    So, my wish is add this map to Mexuscan and C2C as big big american map ;)


  5. Wow looks very nice Hugo.

  6. Gran mapa ,
    muchas gracias por compartir

  7. paul greygoose

    hi hugoces,
    mod looks good,1 major problem, i have no roads showing on the world map. all the towns/cities are there.

  8. it works without other maps installed

  9. Felipe mtz

    No puedo iniciar partida ayuda :c

  10. alfredoemmanuel


  11. Wim Frencken


  12. Wim Frencken

    it’s crashing and the question when it is a Beta, don’t hide on the word Beta #######
    Fix your bugs as the people told you in the comments.
    Otherwise you have a very big problem

    1. takes time to fix things and maybe the author isn’t checking this thread every single minute – might be more useful to report at his FB page (if one has FB) !

      With ATS 1.4.x alone it works without any problems, if U use other mapmods, sure U will have a crash, check your gamelog and try to fix it yourself – log has all the answers, figure out what to do….
      Beta , W.I.P early-access …. nothing is bugfree

    2. Steve Hollar

      What do you mean it’s crashing? You have to put it in your mod list by itself. It’s not compatible with other maps. #######! Give the guy a break. It works great for me.

    3. I can see only one ####### here! Yeah, your right, it’s YOU!

  13. @ hugoces
    Thank you for this attemt ,
    But will you please make this mod compatible with Mexuscan and Coast to Coast.
    Thats what every wants and is waiting for.
    any other release before compatible is a wast of time .
    For who is thinking te same way post comments with only : +1

  14. I am wondering if someone can inform me, I am taking a load to a city part of the new mexico mao, and I hit a road block “XXXXXXXXXXXXX” and I cannot finish my delivery, is this an incorrect map installation problem or a bug?

    1. MexiCali had some roads blocked in wrong places…Just check your GPS and take an alternative route

  15. Steve Hollar

    Two things I see needs to be addressed. The speed limits in the towns and cities need to be lowered and you need to add people. Right now it’s like driving through ghost towns. I’m sure, since this is beta, you will be working on these things. Keep it up. It looks great.

  16. rolf herzog

    misto nur unsichtbare wände

  17. First the map runs great on v1.4. The game does not crash. I have been to just about all the towns on the map. I have found only one bug. In Guerrero #####, at the last drop off place there is a something stopping me. When I turn my truck just stops like I have hit something, but nothing is there.

  18. it has some morebugs, some minor andsome bigger ones, but hey, this is a first Beta – it’s an amazing map, hoping it will extend further to the “real” mexico not only baja

  19. Great map, only thing I miss are the cities of BCS, starting @ Mulege, the little town I lived for 8 years.

  20. hi+guys,

  21. Dj Mastro

    Love this map!

  22. jesus marcel

    que tal amigo excelente mod el mejor que he visto es de maravilla enserio te aventaste !!!!!!!! mil gracias !!!! una pregunta no hay posibilidad de caselar las patrullas de los faros y las sirenas es que me lagea la partina todo lo demas esta con madre ver los skins de bimbo cocacola y muchos mas !!!!! ojala y me puedas contestar amigo!!!

  23. sirve para la versión

    1. You need v1.4.x for this mod to work

  24. Martin Nielsen

    Hi :-)
    Good work. The only mediator on map for scs own map which is neatly made with details and other goodies :-) Continue finally with the job :-)

    There are just two things I have to say …
    1 / mexico has no road number?
    2 / Here this company can not enter. There is a mod error. There is an obstacle that makes you can not come in!

  25. Martin Nielsen


    1. one could teleport in and out…invisible wall hopefully removed when if next update comes …looking forward

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