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Freightliner FLB sliipais edition v 1.0

Date 2016-04-24 09:37

Freightliner-FLB-1 Freightliner-FLB-2 Freightliner-FLB-3

Freightliner FLB revorked version by sliipais . First single axle truck for ATS . ;) Added more used accsessories and parts . Working odometer , gear indicator , lights panel for real FLB . Classic stearing wheel . Freightliner rims . Many mipmapped textures . Download and wach yourself .

Tested on ATS v

Thank’s to all modders , who make something for this great truck any parts and models .

I hope you like it

People, respect my work, if you upload this mod in your web pages, using my, genuine sharemods link, pleace. Thank you.

Authors: SCS Software, odd_fellow, ventyres, vitalik062, sliipais edition


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46 Responses to Freightliner FLB sliipais edition v 1.0

  1. JESAN

    Nice but was mostly featured with the short day cab IRL

    • sliipais

      Sometimes it is better to remain silent ….. )) I’m always collect reliable information for my projects. This truck , is made from the real analog .
      [URL=http://ultrapic.net/uploaded/full/qo9][IMG]http://ultrapic.ru/i/no_category/4/0/thumb_7fbb.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://ultrapic.net/uploaded/full/qoa][IMG]http://ultrapic.ru/i/no_category/5/5/5/6/6/thumb_7fbc.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
      P.S. Emmmm , gear indicator is my idea , but who knows all real gauges

  2. Mac101968

    Very nice job …completely different than any of the other FLB mods i have had alot of new stuff…finally a good chassis model like everything about it…would like to see the new short tanks with the step in aluminum and chrome thought but other than that if you like single screw trucks this is a good mod thanks man good work :-)

  3. craZyblaZe

    Very nice truck! :)

  4. Sam. Joe

    Thanks sliipais, you did it great!

  5. Anon

    Flatbed trailer collides with truck :(

  6. TomFoolery

    Awesome truck, only problem I found is the engine brake sound isn’t correct for the top engine. Sounds like it is repeating and changing pitch.

  7. Mateus Martins

    Awesome mod, thanks for it !!! :D

  8. DI3S3L

    Great truck mate! But have some problems with this… lot of warnings in the game.log.txt. I use the latest game version (

    Link to warnings… http://pastebin.com/mA57zwxg

    And level 24? Pls reduce the level, I’m on 17 because i don’t have so much time to play this game…

  9. sliipais

    Level 24 !? I test it speccially for you , with level 2 profile . All truck models and upgrades maked with zero level acception . ))) Only one engine , was staying on Lv8 , because I don’t check all previous upgrades .

    Warnings . I know about this warnings . Rims , because it’s not included in complection list , and not critical . Empty tobj – I’m loose parameters in mat files somewhere in truk model , and can’t find . But I don’t finish it , and try to find solutions for all warns . Best regards . ;)

  10. David

    Great work sliipais!

    Just one thing, I would like to skin her but can’t open the files up. Any chance you could change that little problem please.


  11. 2000

    I have the same issue, it won’t let me buy it because I am not level 24.

    • sliipais

      Maybe conflict with another truck mod ? Try to disconnect another truck mods . I test it , work with second level .

  12. Russian beast

    The same problem. It requires the 24 level. What the hell? On that level I could purchase a space cruiser!

  13. koleso

    If you have prblems on level 24 , straigh your hands . ))) I don’t have any troubles . )) I saw some warnings , but truck works perfect .

  14. Mario30

    Can you include a clean interior?

  15. Truck works fine for me except the headlights. when i opened it, it didn’t illuminate the road. Why is this happening?

  16. KastaRules

    Thank you for your work sliipais, it’s truly amazing !!!

  17. John

    Same problem as other people commented, it requires level 24 and it’s not conflicting with other truck mods, I disabled them all.
    koleso did saying what you said made you feel good about yourself? People are having problems with the mod so you laugh in their faces? shoving your well working truck?

    • sliipais

      Be easy guys . ))) I don’t know , why some people have troubles due to LV24 . All my upgrades have accssesibility from zero level . Sorry , but I don’t know how to help .

  18. Gian

    you can add a more powerful 2000 hp engine? will not let me open files to see.
    will excuse the English is not my language

    • sliipais

      Emmm , sorry mate . I’m always for the truth mod’s , and don’t like bull$hits . ))) If you want more HP engine , take engine files from odd_fellow’s truck and change horses . You will add edited files inside my mod .

  19. ChrisTrucker

    I know I have all ready asked this but please please could you make P.I,E Skin for the FLB or even Ryder/P.I.E please

  20. Mas Elcnu

    This truck is a real MASTERPIECE !!!

  21. gregoris

    correction the why level 24 with very hard economy who play the game will buy your very nice truck 2017

    • sliipais

      Path level where the field, I see the eyes of the notebook. From fresh things, it is necessary to cut out all the build-up from the outside, and hope to soon overtake luck.

  22. ssamerica

    I love this truck. It is incredibly awsome!!! :D

  23. mcflame

    Sliipais, do you think you can help me figure out how to get your mod to stop saying “incompatible”. I can’t use it since it is “incompatible” and I really want to as it is a really cool and unique truck

    • sliipais

      Sorry mate , I don’t have time for modding at now . 12-th hours on a job , and really don’t want to do something . But I promise to finish FLB without errors and warns , later .

  24. ken howard

    Just got the Arizona BETA off Steam and this truck is now showing as incompatible. :(

  25. KastaRules

    After the latest patch it cannot be enabled anymore… bummer !!!

  26. sbg2005

    need updated version….

    1.3!!! please!!

  27. Mario

    Will it be updated for 1.3?

  28. Mario

    Will this truck be updated to 1.4?

  29. Mario

    I can already see the 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 2.0 ATS update and me asking same question, because it is the best quality truck for ATS and it is a shame it wont work, just sitting there on some server.

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