International LoneStar DirectX11 Fix + Wiper Modes

This little fix resolves CyrusTheVirus’ International LoneStar’s crashing on DX11 and lack of wiper modes.

Follow instructions in the RAR file.

CyrusTheVirus, Snek


5 thoughts on “International LoneStar DirectX11 Fix + Wiper Modes

  1. TruckerOne

    Good attempt. Fixed the crash but some textures don’t work properly.
    I will wait for CyrusTheVirus fix. Thank you.

    1. That was a joke? xD. Cyrus NEVER EVER fix anything. If you going to wait for him, you going to wait forever… lol. Just an advise…

  2. Anyways, thanks for trying to fix it, but as the other guy said, textures dont work properly. To adapt a mod for DX11 is not so easy, thats why when someone says “adapted to 1.35” we always need to ask if it is ACTUALLY adapted to DX11 (the most important part of the 1.35 update…). I still laugh when someone says that he adapted the mod to 1.35, and then you discover it doesnt work on DX11 hahahah. What a joke.

  3. CyrusTheVirus

    Tú es que eres como ese montón de gilipollas que no se entera porque el mini cerebro que tienes no te llega a más. Creative Commons se aplica al trabajo realizado sobre el mod. El modelo 3D y el mod original sigue siendo autoría de sus creadores, como así aparecen en los créditos. Si no eres capaz de diferenciar un robo y resubido de mods de un retrabajo, actulización o mejora es que eres demasiado imbécil. “Tanto gilipollas y tan pocas balas”-(Ford Fairlane).

  4. And for the uploader, please use something else but dropbox, like sharemods.

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