Real Advertisements v 1.2

American Truck Simulator Real Advertisements mod has been updated to version 1.2!

What’s new with v1.2

*New ads in the Washington DLC have been changed.

General Description

The mod that changed the advertisements on the billboards in the streets and highways of American Truck Simulator.

73 different ads including various companies and organizations were added.

Reminder: Give high priority to this mod on mod manager when using with similar mods!

Sinagrit Baba


6 thoughts on “Real Advertisements v 1.2

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  2. enlace caido

  3. SidVicious

    I’m not disabling my adblocker on that website for you, or, anyone else, so, hard luck, no downloads, you aren’t a business!!!!

  4. Thanx for update ! Nice Mod ! ###### people … i disable my adblocker for this download and after i enable

    1. williamsbe

      You see that you did not understand Sid Vicious … think if you can and do not offend to see who is ######.

  5. alternatively, you can actually create a filter to block the “adblocker warning” which then blocks that

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