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International Lonestar v 2.3.2

Date 2016-11-04 17:06

international-lonestar-1 international-lonestar-2 international-lonestar-3

def fixes
update the interior for the new game system
adding the DLC volnate
and fixes some bugs to work better in the newest version of the game



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15 Responses to International Lonestar v 2.3.2

  1. is this one also in AI Traffic ?

  2. The truck do not show at any dealer… Where is it ????????

  3. Jaws009

    so it will replace volvo for that one i wish volvo can have more

  4. OK I found the Volvo dealer, now, the interior appears in an ugly yellow, I wonder why, and the steering wheel interfers with the Kenworth T600 modernized, one and the steering wheel end up in the middle of the cabin, also there is a problem with the righ wipper…you cant have them both on …
    It’s a nice truck but needs fixes …

  5. Also, there is a problem with the sun visor looking from the interior view, istead of blocking the light coming from outside, it shows clearer than bellow…. Too bad there are too many issued with this truck….

  6. CiceeX6

    pq não aparece o bico do caminhão na visão interna?

  7. walter

    no volvo dealership in LA where is it



  9. joseph

    my game crashes anytime I go to open it

  10. Looks great, but crashes my game instantly on every attempt to select it…..? (Only found line in Game Log after crash stating warning of using obsolete format on exhaust stacks)

  11. Can’t get this to work, is it up to date? Would really like to get this truck!

  12. astus

    Same for me

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