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3 thoughts on “I-Fix 15 Barstow v1.0b – Intersection fix for I15/CA58

  1. Thanks for the mod.

    Suggested List Of Other Issues To Fix

    – I-15 In Primm

    – I-80/I-580 in Reno

    – Fix I-8’s terminus in San Diego and make it a freeway to I-5. It’s a bit annoying having to go straight through San DIego just to get from I-8 to I-5.

    – Fix I-10 in Los Angeles. Either extend I-5 to the Santa Monica Freeway, or just add a juction at it’s current spot.

    – Fix I-580 near the Hayward-San Rafael Bridge. Add a interchange at the southern ending near Stockton, or extend I-580 to I-5 or I-80 Bay Bridge.

    – Fix I-10 in Eastern California.

  2. Blackspots

    If you use the MHAPro v1.3, this isn’t mod is needed since there is already a fix for that at grade intersection.

    This is what that intersection looks like with MHA Pro:

  3. Works+perfect.+You+fixed+a+major+pain.+:-)

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