Harley Davidson International Lonestar v4.8

This mod replaces the existing Lonestar with a reworked version. Some parts will work with the stock one, however, all parts will work with the 5150 73″ sleeper and 5150 frames combo as well as the SCS Sleepers and the new 8×4 Chassis Options. This is by design, so you can truly have a work of art.

Version 4.8:
– New Accessories For Antennas Interior
– Added Antenna Balls Harley Davidson Logo, Dale Earnhardt’s #3 Logo, and Genuine Parts Harley Davidson Ball
– Added 2 New Vanity Plates Dale Earnhardt #3 And Genuine Parts Vanity Plate
– Added New Steering Knobs, Dale Earnhardt #3, Harley Wings, and Genuine Parts



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