Dodge D series DN800// D500 v1.2 [ATS] 1.47

Dodge D Series D500
-Version DN800 Diesel assembled by Chrysler in Peru (1978-1986)
-Classic interior dodge
-Variety of accessories and chassis
-Tires, rims and hub original
-Sound Cummins v504c 210
-Fixed GPS
-Added windows animation
-Improved textures
-Added chassis tracto 6×2

*This mod can run on ETS2 too without problems, but it rarely crashes only when you select accessories.



2 thoughts on “Dodge D series DN800// D500 v1.2 [ATS] 1.47

  1. Mhy gameplay movie off this truck :)

  2. Can you change the trailer hook up to be able to pull trailers? It kinda doesn’t work when it’s in the middle of the truck.

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