Version 1.8:

-All missing roads in wyoming added wyoming is DONE!

-Totally new 1100 mile road added and rebuilded.

-İs 80 reopened with amazing quality ı try add all crosses and intersections and scenic towns.

-Rock Springs,Laramie,Rawlins and ton of scenic town added in wyoming.

-All interstate 80 rebuilded.

-Missing part of is-80 in nebraska added and this road rebuilded.

-Ton of bugs fixed all around map.

-Freightliner dealer problem fixed.

-Montana road connection improved(thx reconlobster he do)

-Now ım focus finish south dakota also little reworks in nebraska and after s dakota ı start kansas.

Promods Canada assets pack
Promods Canada defintion pack
Promods Canada map pack
Promods Canada model pack
Great Amerca-Montana expansion road connection v4
Great america 1.8
Mega resources great america patch
Mega resources
Sierra nevada
Pazz mod viva mexico legacy patch
Viva mexico
Mexico extremo-chihuana
Montana assets
Montana expansion

All of your mods
Great america v1.8(bottom of mod manager)


11 thoughts on “GREAT AMERICA v1.8

  1. oh my. no download links, but only Patreon link available

    oh, $8 (dollars or euros) looks like too expensive IMO for my country because is similar I can buy 4 units of ATS official game in promotional time in Steam. maybe can be cheap on Europe but not here
    official link bellow:

    1. I can buy 16 beers with $8 for “patreon”. no left to others XDD. but I’m sure the value of the work of the author is deserved for who can pay too much like this. sorry Voith

  2. 8 dollars !! nonsense, stupidity .. for what? :)

  3. Freeshouldbefree

    Can sone one crack this Version

    1. Bungie247

      Admin – Remove this piracy promoting post please. If he wants money for it and you want it then “pay the man”! Otherwise if you don’t think it is worth the money then just don’t get it, it is the creators choice…….

      1. Nigel Case

        Why not? Please Upload this Map this guy needs an payment. Eight Dollars for nothing

  4. 8 dolars ? :O
    for what ? if the maps were at least connected. It’s too much like that ….

  5. Jeremy Hess

    Does it work with coast to coast mod?

  6. Nie bądź chamie chytry !!!

  7. I’m confused.. are these assets not belonging to SCS? How can you charge money for property that doesn’t belong to you?

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