Version 1.8.3:

-North blackhills area added

-West and middle south dakota added.(West side of missouri river)

-Buffalo,Mobridge,Philip added.

-North platte dead end in intersection deleted.

-Some terrain problems near cheyenne fixed.

-Other parts of s dakota coming in january.



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10 thoughts on “GREAT AMERICA v1.8.3

  1. I would like to be Patreon, but here in my country $ 5 dollars, the minimum acceptable by the author, with the devaluation of my country’s currency, is a lot of money. It is more expensive than I buy the ATS without discount, in the end, absurd. I think, unfortunately, people don’t donate as much as they could, which ends up making the donation system ineffective

  2. definitivamente 5 dolares es una locura de precio, un pago mensual es mas caro que cualquier dlc o la compra del mismo juego. Suerte!!!

  3. Nicholas Normand

    hey just asking out of curiosity does this include every state in America no DLC needed

    1. no lo unico que hace este mod es agregar algunos objetos y alguna carretera corta, nada del otro mundo y tiene muchos errores

  4. Let it will put me this map somewhere as paid for 5 euro. Version 1.7.1 was for free, and it wants coconuts now to beat on anything

  5. Nigel Case

    Rip this Map.

  6. Galileusz

    Stare przysłowie mówi “Nie bądź chamie chytry”. W sam raz pasuje do tego cwaniaka !!!

  7. Hast is not a good idea

    Can someone upload this Map.
    There is no YouTuber who supports this guy. So please upload this Map we don’t want a pay mod per month.

  8. $ 5.00 per month? good luck.

  9. Ibbly Fabbly

    nope its not worth

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