Australian Outback Map v1.0d

Map version: v1.0d
Compatible with game version: 1.39.xx

– Reworked Cooladdi.
– Reworked 3D Dirt Roads.
– Improved various environments/scenery throughout the map.
– 3D Bitumen Roads with accurate Australian common road width of 3.5m a lane.
– Improved Homeburn.
– Replaced old 3D Dirt Roads with newer one’s.
– Added a lot of new signs.
– Improved a big portion of the existing signs with shadows and collisions.
– Adjusted AI traffic lanes
– Renamed Cooper Opals to Johan’s Opals.
– New location: Cooper Opals.
– Improved the water crossing between Homeburn and Johan’s Opals.
– Fixed vegetation collisions.
– New route between Cooper Opals and Plum’s Farm.
– Fixed texture not found company logo’s, on some custom company’s.
– Improved performance slightly at some places.
– Added abandoned rusty car models to add bit more variation to the scenery.
– Added cargo support for Wielton NJ4 ownable trailers by Jazzycat.
– Fixed small bugs throughout the map.
– Static Koala’s.

What is coming?
– Animated Kangaroo’s.
– More 3D Bitumen Road variants.
– More 3D Dirt Road variants with more dirt colors.
– Further Improvement of the map.
– More routes and locations.
– More unique Australian scenery assets.
– Animated Koala’s. (Hopefully)

Wish everyone a lot of fun with this update!
Can’t wait to see your screenshots and video’s.

If you like please consider to make a small donation, it is always very appreciated and spend wisely for life and in the project.

If you want to get more frequent smaller updates, or if you need support/have questions, be sure to join my Discord server:
You can also share screenshots/video’s, talk about the map or showcase your own mod in this server.
We would be very happy to see you there!

Rob Viguurs (Main Map/Model Developer, Admin), JellAy (Model Deverloper), xxGone_A_Strayxx (Model Developer), CrazyMango73 (Model Developer/Moderator), Plum (Lead Moderator), Olaf J (Moderator), DarknessEagleX (Lead Moderator), Jimmbo (Moderator), RTA Mods (locking).


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5 thoughts on “Australian Outback Map v1.0d

  1. thomas lämmle

    new profile and didnt work at me why??

    1. The_One_Over_There

      It works fine for me, i didn’t even have to start a new profile since it just adds a place on the map that you can do to via the boat in the upper parts of Washington.

      but it works fine for me with barely any other mods and the map all the way up the top of my priority list

  2. Work fine, but I have problem with in game time. In 13.00h (1 pm) it’s night…

  3. There doesn’t seem to be a ferry that connects

  4. How to install this Map Video:

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