Gordon Trucking Skin

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Founded as Gordon Fast Freight in 1946 with just two trucks, Jay Gordon started out hauling beer from Vancouver, WA, Gordon Trucking is a national truckload carrier recognized for award winning safety, service and sustainability practices in the trucking industry, Truck used is the freightliner coronado by Authors: Stas556, dmitry68, knox_xss, update – vitalik062 the skin though should work on any version of coronado and game….

Author: Fidiuss


10 thoughts on “Gordon Trucking Skin

  1. Thank you, Fid! Your work with skins is great. ;)

    p.s. : I would love to see more skins for Freightliner Colorado, if you have free time. Default skin colors sucks! :D

    Thank you again and keep it up, mate!

    1. Your welcome Stavros …if you see a company you fancy for the coronado let me know and ill try to provide it :)

      1. LDI or Knight or Celadon or ABCO or Conway or ANYTHING! :))

        1. leave it with me mate :)

  2. The coronado update was uploaded Feb 23 2016 good truck. good job Fidiuss. glad to see were getting away from stock trucks again. Keep em commin.

    1. yeh man …..im going to bang some units out using the coronado by Sunday maybe 3 or 4 :)

      1. Can you make one for the Peterbilt 387 please?

  3. Doesn’t seem to want to work for the Peterbilt 387? ( low end PC )

    1. did you want the GTI skin for the 387 speedy?

      1. That would be great!

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