7 thoughts on “ATS. T-D-S peterbilt 389 Alien vs Predator

  1. That is by far the ugliest thing I’ve seen.

    1. Listen, I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t like something then simply move on and forget about it. Modders come here to present their work, so obviously T-D-S likes his skin or else he wouldn’t put it on here. So don’t criticize it (constructive criticism is different, telling a modder that their mod isn’t working correctly is a lot different than saying it is ugly) don’t even click on it if you don’t like it. If you don’t like it then why don’t you try to make one? – DTK_Beasty_L

      1. well said mate!

  2. awesome T-D-S……..great skin!!!

  3. where did you get those rims from?

  4. very nice WOW

    For snowman you can find then here https://atsmods.lt/wheels-and-disks-pack/

  5. como faz pra deixa ele tunado seria algum mod de tuning??

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