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9 thoughts on “Kenworth T680 Celadon Trucking Skin

  1. Amazing work! Great skin :)

    1. Your welcome mate!

  2. Wheels

    1. Alcoa rim pack i think mate :)

  3. Looks good man, thanks! Gonna DL asap.

  4. Hey guys were out of stock trucks for this paint job ! whats next. as always good job Fidiuss. and there is a ton of trailers for combos too.

    1. yeh man DC is producing some top spec combos James i cant keep up with him or his trailers :) so im glad hes doing the trucks to match :)

  5. How do you get the front grille and chrome to look like that, mine doesn’t look that good and i have everything maxed out.

    1. Hi Jon…my PC aint top spec i can tell you that ..but im maxed out in-game using a MSI GTX970 with an i5 cpu and 8gb and a 27inch monitor so nothing special bud.

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