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2 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB Yellow Fright System Skin

  1. Sliipais: Thank you so much for your work!
    I really missing the used trucks from ATS – I prefer to buy a used truck, even if it is a bucket, repair and upgrade it instead of taking a loan -, but with your skins, I can build my fleet of pretty much usable Freightliner FLBs on a reasonable price. It looks like my small company is having used trucks in the fleet. I love that workhorse feeling, while most of the skins available for ATS / ETS2 are “sterile”.

  2. Thank’s for you feedback ! I’m create skins from real trucks . If this truck is old and rusty , i’m try to repeat all visually in the image . Fresh painted trucks without rust , old buddie’s with old rust . ))

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