Freightliner FLB Pacific Intermountain Express Paintjob

Pacific-Intermountain-Express-1 Pacific-Intermountain-Express-2

This is only paintjob for Freightliner FLB sliipais edition . My first paint from request . )))

Tested on ATS v

I hope you like it

People, respect my work, if you upload this mod in your web pages, using my, genuine sharemods link, pleace. Thank you.

Author: sliipais


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25 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB Pacific Intermountain Express Paintjob

  1. That is awesome. Do you know how to skin trailers?

    1. Thank’s . ;) It’s doesn’t matter , trailer or truck . That’s the same .

  2. Can I request a Trailer skin I have the template.

    1. Ok . Send template . Trailer from some pack or default model ?

  3. ITS from a utility reefer. can i have your email? the skin i want is kooy trucking,

  4. YES!!!! i have the template for it.

    1. Share on Link write in comment , later I see what can do .

  5. Did you get it ?I don’t know if I sent it right.

  6. it is the Usa Utility Trailer 3000R v 1.0 trailer i am using.

    1. Yea , but were the link to dropme ? ))

    1. I mean , good trailer pic’s . )) But anyway , I found myself .

  7. How is it going?

    1. I make paintjobs , but this trailer mod need many corrections . Collision push out from trailer space , one axle need to be deleted ” In the real life utility trailers can be 2 axle ” . Something goes wrong with def files , all trucks freight only addon trailers . But anyway , you ask , I’m do . Here –

    2. Admin delete my links . Write you e-mail .

  8. Andre Burton

    I agree it should be 2 axle. Thank you. Do you have a clean white version of this skin

  9. Andre Burton

    I didn’t notice you have a clean ,##### ,really ##### skin that is very cool thank you so much

  10. Your work is awesome very realistic thanks again!!!!!

    1. No problem . ;)

  11. One last request for you and I won’t keep bugging you. I want 2 skins made for the wabash. A.D. transport express, and F.T.I. I have the links for the company’s and the wabash trailer. Thank you.

  12. ChrisTrucker

    Yes! thank you i have waited so long for this :)

  13. ChrisTrucker

    i hate too be a problem could you make a none Rusty or ##### Version just like you did with Carolina Please

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