5 thoughts on “Freightliner Coronado CNTL Skin

  1. Nice skin man!

  2. DrDerpPlays

    i can’t remember if i’ve ever seen CNTL use a w900 in their fleet, but if not i’d love to see one done, if that be possible that would be awesome to see

    1. The answer is “Yes” & “Yes” sir.

      Yes – CNTL does use the W900 in real life and Yes – there is a great CNTL skin pack created by Lonestranger on this site for the default ATS trucks (which includes the W900).
      Here is the link: https://atsmods.lt/cn-transportation-skins-for-default-trucks/

      Hope this helps!

      1. DrDerpPlays

        thats awesome, love the trucks, can’t want to see more

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