Freightliner FLB Consolidated Frightways Paintjob

Consolidated-Frightways-1 Consolidated-Frightways-2

This is only paintjob for the Freightliner FLB V 1.0 model

I hope you’ll enjoy

This mod change all steel basic rims in game to red color
If you want to get back default color, open mod and delete ( vehicle/truck/upgrade /rim ) map

Author: sliipais


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6 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB Consolidated Frightways Paintjob

  1. Dr. Richard Heade

    Another wonderful repaint, thank you very much.

    1. Thank;s again . :)

  2. Can you do this same for viper2 pete?

    1. At this time , I work only with FLB truck . But I can’t say No , maybe .

  3. Can you make it so that you make a new set of red wheels instead of replacing the in game wheels? Now all the trailers in game have red wheels

    1. Sometimes need to read descriptions – “This mod change all steel basic rims in game to red color” I’m warn about this truble.

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