CN Transportation skins for default trucks


Paintjobs for all cabs for the default Peterbilt 579 and Kenworth T680 & W900. Daycab skins are distinct from those used on the sleeper cabs, and all three T680 cabs receive a unique skin.

All are based on or inspired by real-world units. Lettering sizes, fonts, and locations are purposely slightly different on each skin, as the real-world owner-operated CN trucks are often painted and decalled by various shops across the continent.

Tested on ATS version 1.0,,


DOWNLOAD 740 KB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 740 KB [dropbox]

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5 thoughts on “CN Transportation skins for default trucks

  1. U canandian Bro?

  2. Awesome job lonestranger, I see these guys everyday going to & from the office.
    Would love to see this skin on Aradeth’s Volvo VNL 670 as well.

  3. Anime truckin

    I love running my rigs with the CN paint. but to be more realistic we need some CN 53′ container trailers to go with this.

    1. I came back to this mod to post the same thing. In my game I have a fleet of CN trucks and a container pack but there is no CN intermodal containers. I run along side the CN guys daily back and forth from Calgary to Vancouver pulling super B’s, anyways love the mod if you could arrange a container mod to match it would be great!

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