Freightliner Coronado Update

freightliner-coronado-update_1 freightliner-coronado-update_2 freightliner-coronado-update_3

– Standalone Truck
– Dealer Peterbilt
– 2 Interiors
– Skins
– Sounds
– Wheels
– Added To Gallery & Company
– Fixed Interior
– Fixed Dashboards
– Other Small Fix

Tested 1.1.3 Game Version

Authors: Stas556, dmitry68, knox_xss, update – vitalik062

DOWNLOAD 101 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 101 MB [Uploadfiles]

23 thoughts on “Freightliner Coronado Update

  1. Best truck

  2. is my favorite truck, the problem with the large spoke steering wheel;

    1. scania_dragon

      how unreal. the smoke comes from exhaust before engine is startet ….
      nonsense! But thx for the video Mr.Germantruck!

  3. Bl@ckWolf

    Video: ATS Mods: Freightliner Coronado Update (America Truck Simulator)

  4. Truck Sim Mods

    VIDEO Review HD Steam version:

  5. Justadude

    Just two small advices:
    1: a bit higher res textures for the wooden parts of the interior would be nice
    2: in exterior view if you take a look into the cab, the driver holds and twists the “stock” steering wheel, while the larger, real steering wheel is clipping through it. It’s hard to explain until you see it yourself. I also noticed this by several other modded trucks.

    Apart from these, the truck is great, and my favourite. Coronado forever:)

    1. solaris36

      The default driver has your own steering wheel. In ATS there are swheel and driver (with swheel). Always you see the default swheel on exterior view. We can make a driver without swheel and then you can see the custom swheel, but in all others game trucks you can see only driver without swheel, hands rolling in the air.
      I don’t know how to fix this….
      Excuse my poor english. :-)

      1. Solaris just delete the driving wheel on external interior view.
        It’s the only way.

  6. why cant every truck have a realistic steering wheel rotation animation like this i love it !!

    1. Riipperino

      imo it sucks , im using a g27 and it doesnt sync/Match with the gamerotations at all :\

      1. if you like it like 900 degrees thats weird for me cause the truck feels like a car a real truck is like this truck and the t800 how the steering wheel turns but if you want it to sync up a little bit play with your steering linearity about to half way or something should match up with the steering wheel but not fully!

  7. mod have many bugs. must have many updates – dashboard,sound , texture….

    1. Peter Royce Clayton III

      Well “Fregat”, you better get started right away on that… Yeah, like I’m going to hold my breath on that.

  8. bigtall10

    This is an amazing truck! I’ve never given it a chance before, until now, and I’m completely in love with this truck! I just wish they were other skin options out there… :(

  9. Im still not seeing my mirros from the inside. On 42 inch TV! So that makes every (not only this) truck as usless. Sorry.

  10. How can I decrease a reflection on chrome parts? Bumper and mirrors especially.

  11. Amazing job , if you could only delete the stock steering wheel that we can see in exterior view clipping through the modded one it would be PERFECT.

    Thanks !

  12. This is the only truck I’ll consider using, I don’t even want my drivers in it. I agree about not being able to see driver mirror but I use F2 so no big deal. How can I get into making trucks? I’ve been asking on this site how to mod, but don’t get replies. I have ideas that must come to fruition.

  13. can’t see the mirror and why is it at the peterbuilt dealer when its a freightliner?

  14. vengeance777

    cool truck but fix the sidemirrors.I take a seat in the truck and we cant see the sidemirrors………….

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