5 thoughts on “USA Trailers Pack Update 1.3

  1. Is this a standalone trailer pack

    1. CyrusTheVirus

      Of course! I never made an replace mod. :-)

  2. Thank you been waiting for the wheel fix excellent!!!!!

  3. Great mod man. Can yoy make a G&P Trucking trailer skin? They’re based out if columbia sc and run all 48 but mainly runs the southeast. Id really appreciate it allot if you could. Thanks anyway and i love this mod.

  4. Hey Cyrus, I just wanted to say thank you for tweaking my trailers. I really appreciate it! And I am sooo glad you changed the trailer rims to white! I tried to tinker with it early on, but all I did was jack it up. lol Really nice tweaks to the pack though. Thanks again! :)

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