Express Delivery Trailers

Express-Delivery-1 Express-Delivery-3 Express-Delivery-2

Box Long and Reefer type trailer.
Both Standalone & includes in Traffic.
Tested on game version.

I’ve added these to my game for matching the same company

Criticisms and suggestions are welcome. :)

Author: FatLizard

DOWNLOAD 2 MB [Sharemods]

4 thoughts on “Express Delivery Trailers

  1. very nice trailer skin , thanks for it.

    1. Thanks mate ! … glad you like them … :)

      1. Shawn Wilson

        Hi my name is Shawn Wilson and I own DW trucking based out of Ontario Canada if I told you what I was looking for would be able to make that mod for me or how would it work please let me know

        1. Hi Shawn … no problem in making something (
          simple and undemanding I hope … I’m not so smart :) )

          And my free time is short so I always ask to have patience.

          Email me what you’re looking for (better with some pictures , where possible) … and I will try to help you.

          [email protected]


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