New invented company skin for SCS Trucks


For those who, like me, want to have their own company with their trucks. :)
The Company “Express Delivery” is totally invented (name, really not very original… :) was chosen at random).
One skin pack for the 3 SCS trucks.
Cabs Mid or High (B or C) not the Duty or A Cab.
Mask Paintable.
Tested in game version

Criticisms and suggestions are welcome. :)



4 thoughts on “New invented company skin for SCS Trucks

  1. Deputydawg

    If you took requests for custom companies that would be awesome.

  2. Deputydawg

    Also wanted to say nice skin as well.

    1. Thanks … appreciated ! :) … and about your request … why not ? … I’m not a great skinner but if you trust me … who am I to say “no” ? :D

      email me your ideas, preferences, and all you want me to put in and and I’ll give them a try …

      [email protected]

  3. Like your skins is there a way you can make one for me I sent you an email just a while ago.

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