12 thoughts on “DC-Knight Transportation Trailer

  1. excellent trailer

    1. Thanks man, I appreciate that! :)

      1. Hi Dave a quick question i can skin trucks using the tools provided but im wanting to do a company trailer for myself are there any trailer templates that we know of yet that can be used or added in ETS STUDIO? thanks for any help mate!

        1. Not that I know of yet man, but I wish I knew! :) Maybe do a test run trailer in Studio, then edit companies in the scs file to match ATS companies. Worth a shot I guess.

  2. Thanks so much for this! Is there a way to force this mod to replace pretty much all in-game trailers? I mean apart of those the AI are using since I have a stand-alone trailer pack for the the traffic AI. Thanks in advance!

    And by the way.. anyone else here watching IndianaJack on youtube? He has a Knight Transportation red VNL !

    1. Just a heads up for anyone using the VNL 670 with this mod.. The trailer hits the back of the cabin and causes damage to your truck whenever you make a turn. Maybe with the stock game trucks this works fine, but I thought to let you know that it doesn’t work well with VOLVO VNL 670.

      1. Well thats not good news about the damage with the vnl. I was looking forward to running them together. The trailer works fine with stock trucks though. I ran the w900 and the 579 I believe it was with no issues from my runs. Try one of those.

      2. Hey I was just thinking, if you are getting damage with the vnl then it must be the new vnl that is causing the issue. I ran the previous vnl with my celadon and didnt have any problems. I will check out the newer vnl asap.

      3. Ok I just ran the vnl 670 v1.3 for a bit with my trailer. I did a bunch of hard 90s and a bunch of hard 180s with no issues. I ran the stock vnl plus the knight skin and sunvisor. I hope this helps.

    2. Sorry Sakis I do not know of a way, but you are most welcome for the trailer. :)

  3. I re-edited to English cargo if you would like to download and replace. Thanks.

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