7 thoughts on “DC-Stevens Transport Trailer

  1. I re-edited to English cargo if you would like to download and replace. Thanks.

  2. links not working dave :)

    1. No link? What did I mess up this time? lol :) I will check it out tonight and see what I can do. Sorry about that man, I don’t know what happened.

    2. Oh hey, I believe I may have put this trailer in my mega pack too if you downloaded it as well. I zipped up a bunch of my trailers into a megapack…not including my most recent ones. Not the pack Solaris modified for us, but my original pack.

    3. Oh I think I know what happened. When I updated my cargos, I replaced the mediafire scs files with an updated files of the same name. Apparently that breaks the link even though they have same name. I need to check my other trailers too as i’m sure their links are broken too. crud. lol

    4. FYI my mega pack doesnt have updated English cargo on some trailers. My Steven’s trailer in my mega pack is the original non-English cargo.

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