DC-Penske Trailer

Penske-1 Penske-2 Penske-3

Here is my Penske trailer converted from ETS2 to ATS. Skin by me, trailer by stewowe. Enjoy! Remember you can only use ONE of my skinned stewowe’s trailers at a time in-game. Thanks!

Trailer Skin – David Corley; Trailer Mod – stewowe


6 thoughts on “DC-Penske Trailer

  1. I re-edited to English cargo if you would like to download and replace. Thanks.

  2. The file is deleted, or the link is not working?

    1. Humm, that is strange. The file is in place, but maybe you tried to download when I fixed the cargo last night. Please try again if and it it doesn’t work, here is the direct link I copied just now: http://www.mediafire.com/download/n8kfdbti8c8locn/DC-Penske+Trailer+for+ATS.scs

  3. Hi, are your trailers standalone and included in traffic?

    1. Hi Geo, they are not in traffic. And they are really neither truly standalone nor replaces. They don’t replace your other trailers as far as I know, but if you try to run more than one of my skinned trailers they will replace itself meaning you can only activate 1 of my skinned trailers at a time in game.

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