BMW X6M 2015 + BambiTrailer v2.0


Prescribe in the showroom Iveco.

Iveco should be Kenworth.

GPS Toggle purpose flashers

Mod created a team of “HD TRUCK TEAM”
Edit & Convert: FurkanSevke


HD TRUCK TEAM & FurkanSevke


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10 thoughts on “BMW X6M 2015 + BambiTrailer v2.0

  1. David A King

    There is no Iveco dealer in ATS. Might want to redo this.

  2. teresa morgan

    same here tried everything

  3. the_Driver

    VIDEO BMW X6M 2015


  4. doesn’t show up in any dealership. does not work. yes it is activated

  5. where do u finf the tralier

  6. donde encuentro el trairler

  7. I keep getting corrupt file for both the car and trailer. I tried to D/L 4 times from different sources and get different file names/compression types/file sizes on all 4 but get the corrupt message on all. Looks like a nice car in the show room but if I can’t drive it, what good is it….

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