BMW X6M 2015 + BambiTrailer v2.0

Date 2016-02-04 09:27


Prescribe in the showroom Iveco.

Iveco should be Kenworth.

GPS Toggle purpose flashers

Mod created a team of “HD TRUCK TEAM”
Edit & Convert: FurkanSevke


HD TRUCK TEAM & FurkanSevke


10 Responses to BMW X6M 2015 + BambiTrailer v2.0

  1. David A King

    There is no Iveco dealer in ATS. Might want to redo this.

  2. teresa morgan

    same here tried everything

  3. mark

    doesn’t show up in any dealership. does not work. yes it is activated

  4. where do u finf the tralier

  5. renato

    donde encuentro el trairler

  6. Frank P

    I keep getting corrupt file for both the car and trailer. I tried to D/L 4 times from different sources and get different file names/compression types/file sizes on all 4 but get the corrupt message on all. Looks like a nice car in the show room but if I can’t drive it, what good is it….

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