10 thoughts on “Coast to Coast v 2.5.1

  1. it crashes the game for me

    only mod installed

    fresh profile

    1. This version requires the New Mexico DLC.

  2. random crashes when taking jobs.
    all dlc’s installed and only mode enabled.

  3. Ran+into+an+invisible+wall+leaving+Garden+City,+Kansas+east+on+400.+Just+outside+the+city,+crossing+a+bridge


  5. I downloaded the file on my MacBook Pro and moved the file into American Truck Simulator/mods and it isn’t appearing in my mods selector in the game. I downloaded the us expansion from this same website and did the exact same process and it appeared but c2c did not. Same problem for the Canada mod. Did I do something wrong or are they just not compatible with Mac OS?

  6. i tried to like the map but its just a great idea poorly executed huge swaths of barren landscape ai traffic that isnt consistant with posted speeds ie speed limit 75 traffic somewhere between 50 and 55 the cities lifeless this is why i wish the promods people would do an ats map they now how its done are the roads even close to there real life counteparts

  7. this map makes my cargo disappear after leaving cities. please fix or update.

  8. I’ve been trying to get the most recent c2c plus canada to work, but i must be doing something slightly off. they load in the correct order, they are the only two mods, and both are for the current ats version or 1.31 as needed. My problem is that none of the new areas show up on my map, or any other map. is there something special that i need to do? I’ve followed numerous videos and text explanations, and followed them to a T….When i look at the map after starting a new game, it’s just the standard few states i see. help?

  9. Sry, but this mod is basically new cities and roads connect them but very poor landscape and no detail at all.

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