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La Paz & Cabo San Lucas Rebuild v 1.3

Date 2018-06-03 19:11

– Made compatible with C2C & Canadream
– Rework the truck stop in La Paz
– Fix errors

I have rework and rescale two cities (La Paz & Cabo San Lucas) from the Map Mexicali mod by denzik so it is now working with the new 1.20 scale, Viva Mexico & Mexico Extremo map mod too!
The original map mod by denzik: https://atsmods.lt/map-mexicali-v1-0/

Place the La Paz & Cabo San Lucas Rebuild mod above Viva Mexico & Mexico Extremo mod in the mod priority to make it working!
You will NEED to have Viva Mexico & Mexico Extremo if you want to play on this map mod!

P16, denzik & Jbte


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  1. benjamin

    El juego de se cierra automáticamente

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