Mexico Extremo 2.0B

Changelog 2.0B;
-Fixed terrain in many places of map area, such grass in pavement, trees in middle of road, bad terrain in road (blockades), black holes, etc
-Fixes in Durango-Mazatlan invisible wall crash in bridges
-No weather area in tunnels in Durango-Mazatlan. (shouldn’t rain anymore on tunnels)
-Fixed invisible walls in potholes areas of the map.
-Less and fixed potholes in Cuencame-Rio Grande highway
-Some traffic rule corrections in certain areas, proper speed limits.
-Some performance issues corrected in certain areas
-Fixed few console bugs reported
-Fixed some signal positions and proper use of signage in towns and highways.

Trucking in Mexico is never as straight forward as in the US. Experience windy and dangerous roads, questionable conditions, road blocks, speed bumps and the ever satisfying beauty of the Mexican landscape, all from the comfort of your home.

Map location in the manager:
México Extremo 2.0B
Viva México 2.4.4

The map is compatible with all map mods including CanaDream and Coast2Coast in the actual version (1.31.x).

Requires DLC New Mexico, requires Viva Mexico 2.4.4 NOT OPENGL compatible (not for MAC user or Linux), only DirectX.

Inside the site, there is download file for both HBS Resources 1.8 ad Mexico Extremo 2.0B in a zip, also Viva Mexico 2.4.4 individually.

Please support me at, thank you!

Eblem Torres, Raul Martinez


2 thoughts on “Mexico Extremo 2.0B

  1. Good afternoon, along with greeting and thank you for the map, I wonder if there is a possibility that the file could be hosted on another server, because it takes too long to download ShareMods (currently shows me that it will take 15 hours) and still having a More than stable connection does not discharge more than 10kbps.

    I would greatly appreciate any help in this regard.

  2. Mike Young

    I have problems with the GPS numbers for jobs in here – will show will be 76 miles and tell me 5 h 10min. Trip really took about an hour.

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