Coast to Coast Map v 1.7.2


This version is ONLY for use with ATS v1.3 (beta). There is no new content, if you are not using the 1.3 beta you DON’T need this update.

Author: Mantrid


39 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Map v 1.7.2

  1. Okay.

    I wait for normal version of Your map for 1.3 non-beta ;)

  2. mickeyd33

    okay i have some 10 drivers and trucks in garages in cities on the coast 2 coast map, how do i work around that (besides the option to move them first to nevada or cali garages)
    move them is a bit of a hassle every time..
    i can’t enable the new version, because i did not update yet..
    maybe update to beta and enable the new C2C mod while starting up?

  3. Mantrid
    I wish you join the Promods team…

  4. Mantrid !!!! Please ! Please! add more Rest areas and visitor centers along highways so we can stop to rest and restart our fatigue clock. They dont have to be gas stations. Just a rest area thanks man !!! I look forward to your work

  5. Thanks Mantrid….

  6. I don’t see any ‘scs’ file to add into the game once I’ve extracted the files?

    1. its a zip file

    2. download and just copy to your mod folder

      1. Thank you :)

        Do I have to disable the previous mod I was using or do they work together?

        1. previous mod is incompatible with the 1.3 version, so disabled ( not working with 1.3 vesrsion : ai traffic, classic traffic pack , painted truck traffic , traffic truck pack from jazzycat and previous version of the map from mexuscan and mhapro map ).

          1. Thanks again Ramses, seems to be working fine so far…just a pity I can’t stop the SCS updating on Steam.

          2. Thanks again Ramses, seems to be working fine so far. I wish the mod builders would make a rival game, it would be far better than SCS’s stuff.

  7. Jason Moyle

    How do I know what version of the game I have please?

    1. start steam,start ATS,then your version of the game is displayed on the top left of your launch pad…….

  8. thank you Mantrid work great my end with no PROMBLES

  9. Has anyone else noticed that the I-15 from Mesquite to just befor the I70 is missing, and the I-5 from Weed to about Grants Pass is also missing

  10. ChicagoSemi

    I had a problem,i was driving from Phoenix to LA, and after a first or second intersection in Phoenix i had a glitch,my truck suddenly perished and it looked like i was falling from the sky. I’ve tried to come from other direction but nothing worked i always perish at that location

  11. if U are using Mexuscan 1.8.1 and Coast to Coast 1.7.2 then U need to disable
    the mod Kurkusowy & Familia Map v 1.1. (Weeds & Weatherly in California).
    running these 3 mods together breaks I-15 going from Las Vegas north
    towards I-70 and I-5 going from Hornbrook into Oregon.
    by disabling the Kurkusowy Mod I was to get I-15 & I-5 to
    fix themselves. so I don’t know if Kurkus needs to get with Mantrid
    or vice-versa,, but the Kurkusowy Mod has been broken since May
    22nd and still isn’t fixed

  12. ChicagoSemi

    I dont have those mods,just this mod,and some weather and sound mods


    this does not work for me. I used this map in the past with no problem but now when I try to extract it, it tells me to replace the file and I do but I don’t get the map in the mod folder, just files of picture manifest but no map ###. hope next update fixes that.

    1. Don’t extract it, just put the zip in your mod folder and it will work. I forgot to change it to .scs before I uploaded it.

  14. i have mexcan 1.8 and c2c 1.7.2 i have its keep on crashing

    1. Same here, thought it was working fine until I went to explore the new Arizona map, now I keep falling through the road :/

  15. Deathbatcndr

    Finally got this mod working and was gonna make my way up to Canada, but as I was departing Las Vegas with my load I had the pleasure of coming across an invisible wall right near Ceaser’s Place right under the pedestrian walkway.

    1. Deathbatcndr

      Update: I’ve discovered I can’t get out of Las Vegas. Block by invisible walls. Has anyone else had this issue as well?

  16. Mantrid I like the mods you did for the states keep up the great work. I have a question if you know anything about RT40 just east of Flagstaff after the bridge I fall through the map. If you have any info about this issue please let me know it would be great. Other then that the mod work great keep it up

  17. I+can’t+cross+Arizona+without+the+system+tells+me+that+the+game+have+stop+running+whatever+the+route+that+i+take.+I+think+that+ill+wait+till+we+got+a+version+for+the+1.3+non+beta.

    1. I can’t cross Arizona without the system tells me that the game have stop running whatever the route that i take. I think that ill wait till we got a version for the 1.3 non beta.

  18. Bobsenec go into steam and right click on the game and goto properties and op out of the beta and make sure the Coast to Coast is at the top of your mod list on the right side

    1. Thanks Hammermike77 for the tip but for the steam concern i never op in of the beta, however, i’ll make sure that c2c be the first in my mod list and try it again!! TY

      1. I just tried to put c2c first on my list even before mexuscan but i cant cause when i do that, some roads that unit the 2 mods become broken (part missing).
        I really don’t know what to do with that, for instance i will have to avoid the Arizona state ;(

  19. Routes has lost. I can’t go to Canada from Hornbrook etc…

  20. there is a big bug at at Primm in the south of Las Vegas …

  21. Adrian G.

    Hi, thank you for updating your map, amazing scenery, but one thing to point out is the impracticality to drive from L.A. to Yuma (AZ), current mod combination, Mexuscan map 1.8 on latest ATS, since the update to that map has been released, maybe the intersection vanishing has gone. Just to keep you informed, so far no serious issues with your map, just some minor glitches when running Mexuscan.

  22. If anyone can also confirm this as I cannot scroll to the east coast in map mode. I can scroll as far as Texas, but it does not go any further. I can drive all the way to the east coast, but when i go to choose a delivery from where i’m located past Texas, I can’t click the area to get a job where my truck is, as the map will not scroll.


    1. Yep I can confirm the scroll issue. My problem is that the mods (C 2 C 1.8 and latest Mexuscan) worked okay at first. Now I can’t scroll north of Oregon or south of San Luis or East of Oklahoma City. How the heck am I supposed to deploy my trucks anywhere? Oh yeah! My game version. ATS 1 3 1 1s.

  23. hi+folks,+i+have+a+question+to+the+map.+i+have+downloaded+it+and+its+in+the+mods+folder,+what+i+want+to+know+in+that+order+do+i+arrange+the+files+in+the+mods+manager+in+game+to+make+it+work?


  24. gostaria de saber se voce pode converter esse mod para o ets2 ficaria muito bom. obrigado

    I wonder if you can convert this mod for ETS2 would be very good. thank you

  25. can not get map to work. causes the game to crash. any suggestions.

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