USA Offroad Alaska Map v 1.6 By Rob Viguurs

Alaska-3 Alaska-2 Alaska-1

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Uploading to other host or site is not allowed! (Only with permission)
Editing on this map mod is ONLY for personal use (Not allowed to upload your edited version)
If is see someone that does this he will be warned, and second time i see it the map won’t be uploaded anymore, update’s and news is then only available in private group on facebook!

Thanks for downloading the map.

Map Maker: Rob Viguurs.

Changelog: New city: Prudhoe Bay! Changed Draw Distance, T interdictions in southern part of the map so it is easyer to make them.(new cities and more roads are coming!)

Map with module = realistic time and km but not compactible with other maps.

Map with no module = no time and km realism change but compactible with other maps and you can drive on last profile.

Installation instructions:
Step 1: read this readme carefully.
Step 2: Put USA offroad alaska map v1.6 by Rob Viguurs in your documents -> American truck simulator -> mods.
Step 3: Start the game and make NEW profile!
Step 4: Activate the mod.
Step 5: Select the game MODULE ”USA offroad road” (if you don’t select the game module the map won’t work) (The game module is located in the bodum of your screen when you select your truck and name enz…)
Step 6: Play the game.
Extra!: Activate the economy mod v0.3 it is ONLY for with module!
if you use this with NO MODULE version you will get very short delivery’s but overprice. It is only suited for MODULE version.
THE ECONOMY MOD IS OPTINAL so it is not needed to run the mod map mod.

Installation instructions NO MODULE:
Step 1: read this readme carefully.
Step 2: Put USA offroad alaska map v1.6 by Rob Viguurs in your documents -> American truck simulator -> mods.
Step 3: Start the game.
Step 4: Activate the mod.
Step 5: play the game.

For more info, help or contact me: ”Facebook: Rob Viguurs” ”Gmail: [email protected]

Happy trucking.

Author: Map maker: Rob Viguurs.


35 thoughts on “USA Offroad Alaska Map v 1.6 By Rob Viguurs

  1. @Rob Viguurs : the only really interesting part about the whole map is alaska. nothing else.

    so could you please make an extra map that is only the alaskan part? (as addon for normal ats map)

    1. Hey, whenever I try to launch a new profile with the mod the game doesn’t crash but instead it pops up with the screen “Problem with loading the save” and I can’t load up a save cause there is none! It’s a new game!

  2. Your map looks intresting and i love to play it but all my garages are in mexuscan and c2c map, so without the compatability with that maps i cannot play eventhough i love to play offroad maps….. Hope you will soon make the map compatable so we all can enjoy this good looking map thanks……..

    1. Rob Viguurs

      I Have contact with the map maker off mexican map so it is a small matter of Time that it is compactible. So please Have bit patience, we Are working on it

  3. @Rob Viguurs
    Your map is quite interesting. Nevertheless there are only 6 cities and I could not drive to Prudoe Bay (invisible wall!!). I hope really you will extend the perimeter.
    Remark : the two files USA Offroad Alaska Map v1.6 By Rob Viguurs (NO MODULE) and USA Offroad Alaska Map v1.6 By Rob Viguurs appear as identical in the mod manager, I could we make the difference if the both names are the same?
    Many thanks!

  4. @Rob Viguurs
    With this update I could reach Prudhoe Bay. I stopped there awaiting jobs to be taken but none at the moment. Please make Trucks Headquarters available here. Only one at Fairbanks!!
    Thanks again for your nice map.

    1. Rob Viguurs

      There is None Invisible Wall because i test anything before release, there is a truck garage in Fairbanks.

  5. @Rob Viguurs map looks great my only complaint would be that while driving round fairbanks the temprature is saying 28c pretty sure it won’t be that warm in the snow lol……………

    1. Rob Viguurs

      Yeah lol haha, i dont really know where to change that sorry

  6. Heel mooi gemaakt Rob! Ik ga deze is even testen. Zodra de map samen met die van Mexico kan, moet je maar een seintje geven!

    1. Rob Viguurs

      Super! Binnen de kortste keren zal die klaar zijn

  7. Can this work with MHA?

  8. Where exactly can i find the mountain roads from the first picture?

    1. Rob Viguurs

      Knifevalley-restwood ;) goodluck and dont fall of the cliff

      1. GameplayHD2015

        Thanks,i have allready made a video in Alaska,untill tomorrow will be uploaded,i´ll leave a link here!

      2. Hi It s compatible with mha map And write me file order please.Second She need a new Profile To work Without a module? Because Not See city in select Job. Thank You

  9. Will it work with mha map?

  10. Patrick (France)




    1. Patrick (France)


      Pour plus de sécurité, j’ai mis en stan-by les autres maps.
      Elle fonctionne très bien avec la carte d’origine et vaut bien les autres par sa qualité.
      C’est du beau travail, bravo Rob.



  11. Patrick (France)

    Good evening,

    For added security , I set stan -by other maps .
    It works very well with the original card and well worth the others by its quality.
    It’s a good job , well done Rob .

    thank you,

    Patrick .

  12. Hi It,’s compatible With Alex map?

  13. Patrick (France)

    Good evening,

    I insist , this is a great map for use with the map of origine.Une beautiful vegetation all the way that not very difficult but nice to effectuer.Quelques wild animals would be welcome and a little more accidents or carcasses .
    thank you again for this beautiful work .

  14. bonsaier002


  15. i personaly enjoied every mile thanks

  16. gilmar delgado

    I do not work please help map

  17. johnlouie

    please give me a video of installing this map mod

  18. i do likes this mod

  19. i love this mod

  20. valkery folk

    this mod crashes my game and wont work alone or with any other maps, when i select my profile it opens but wen i go to load into my garage it crashes, i tried making a new profile but it just crashes, can u please fix this, thanks

  21. kada napravim profil nece da mi udje nego mi ocitava spasene voznje a nemam ni jednu ili kada pokusam sa vec napravljenim profilom ne moze ni jednu voznju ocitat?

  22. whats+game+version+works+with+this+map



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