Map Area 51

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I basically mapped the area 51 and fis three floors Underground, but forward will have more floors and a connecting tunnels Underground going to Las Vegas, we were also mapped and Mercury was one dadicionado offroad road between Oakdale and carson city.
The map is not big but has enough details, I’m also working on the map of Brazil that soon will have an Alpha released.

Author: Draco_br

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9 thoughts on “Map Area 51

  1. Bad map :(

  2. its a great concept ..will be nice when your done…but dude..not even playable!…none on your surfaces line up , you try to turn onto a road and its 3 feet above road your on… got a lot of work to do…I hope you put in the time bud, it will be great if you do. thanks for the effort.

    1. Agreed!! Please re-up again when playable.

  3. the map is still in Alpha I gradually improving thanks for criticism

  4. C’est une bonne idée cette map, beaucoup de choses à revoir: les niveaux ainsi que les objets ne sont pas joints au sol, des avions trop nombreux et complètement \fous\, bref, elle n’est pas jouable et exploitable.Je souhaite que vous puissiez l’améliorer car très intéressante et originale. Merci
    Merci aussi d’utiliser un traducteur car je connais trop peu l’anglais pour l’écrire normalement.

    1. What you wanna fly planes into the twin towers?

    2. I agree Patrick.

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