New cities with Companies! v2.0


v2.0 changelog:
– Rebuilding Red Bluff
– Added more companies
– Added cities Warm Springs and Anaheim
– Fixed bugs and invisible walls



3 thoughts on “New cities with Companies! v2.0

  1. Joshua Peterson

    A couple of cities have problems but only in Nevada.
    Sparks: No company, small bit of road that is undiscoverable.
    Caliente: Road between Charged and Bitumen is also undiscoverable.
    Warm Springs: Building opposite of HMS has no company name.
    McGill: The road that Charged is on leads to a barrier that is impassable. (The white and yellow X’s).
    Austin: Road leading out of HMS (and into) is undiscoverable.
    Battle Mountain: Building opposite of HMS has no company name:
    Wells: Road leading out and into HMS is undiscoverable.

    I hope you fix these problems in the next release of this map.

  2. Mit dieser Karte gibt es keine Verbindung mit C2C Map

  3. if you will play with this map, you can not have the coast to coast map in the game.
    the streets of these maps are not conected.

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