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Coast to Coast Corrected Fix

Date 2016-03-24 19:43


Sorry my friends, that the corrected fix for version 1.6. He removes the invisible wall.
Tested 1.2 Game Version



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  1. james

    sorry for being sorry does not cut it. If you do not test it before publishing it keep it off the web !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kibed

    Thanx Mantrid, love the map!! Looking forward to a west coast add!!

  3. so far i have done 7568 miles and im still trying to find this invisible wall :) well done on this version by the way its improving each release so keep it up !!

  4. catalyst

    Thank you mantrid for this. @james mantrid doesn’t gain a big financial value by developing this mod, so he does it from the goodness of his heart so before you flame a mod developer think twice people like that is rare. And if he wait to release this mod after testing it will take like many months before a update, he is one person and very fast than SCS so encourage him he might be able to finish the entire continent before scs can even release 3 states.

  5. AMER123

    Great job on the start of a great map. Can you fix the connection of 70 and 15 because anything coming or going to Denver heading West will require driving all the way back to Kansas and Oklahoma first.

  6. AMER123d

    Great Map..on your next update can you fix 70 and 15. Road not connected to 70 so driving to Denver requires driving to Oklahoma and Kansas first.

  7. Tyree Jamaul Simmons

    Good fix Mantrid i will notify you if i see other bugs like a true beta tester i wish i could do so by pictures :D

  8. Dawgish

    This map IS a beast bro keep up the great work leaving SCS IN THE DUST

  9. Very nice, thanks for your work Mantrid.

  10. Truckguy

    Thanks for this awesome make and look forward to more updates. I love how a single modder is faster then SCS when it comes to states.

    • Ways71

      Thats because Mantrid doesn’t as as much detail to his maps as SCS. SCS makes cities and details from scratch. Mantrid just uses copy/paste cities. You cant just say he’s faster than SCS..Because SCS is putting in TIME and WORK to make us a state. And they want to give us every detail possible.

  11. I think he is doing a very good job keep it up Mantrid. if people think they can do better then go a head and try because its hard I no because I use to do it myself.

  12. 4ce

    Thanks for all your hard work. Screw the hate, people are a-holes. I can’t believe people would ##### about someones work they get for free. If you don’t like it or its too buggy for you, uninstall it you over privileged snot nosed brats.

    • Bignorm

      I agree, people who complain like this are real #######. It’s free and a lot of people work hard on these projects. Thank you to the manufacturer of MODs.

      Je suis d’accord, les gens qui se plaindre comme cela, sont de vrai trou du cul. C’est gratuit et beaucoup de gens travailles fort sur ces projets. Merci aux fabriquant de MODs.

  13. AMER123d

    Mantrid yes I am using MHAPro and your patch but still don’t have the connection of 70 and 15. I notice that someone else (Nathan) pointed out the same problem when v 1.6 was posted. The disconnect is actually on 15 going into Las Vegas from 70 out of Denver. I even deleted all of my Mods to see if that maybe causing the problem but with only your Mods activated I still get the same disconnect on 15. I’m still using your Mod because it is great driving across all States so keep up the great work.

    • bigboy

      Not sure where you have the map mod loaded as sometimes if running certain mods will mess up other I don’t have that problem with I 15 and I 70

      • AMER123d

        Thanks bigboy I changed the order of the Mods and it fixed the problem. Mantrid again thanks for all your hard work.

  14. Pinna

    Great job!! I just will wait for Klas’s economy mode if it will fit into this map. It is realy nice!! congratulations!

  15. Oldbear

    Unfortunately, Hawaii still can not get through to San Francisco!

  16. james

    It seems that I owe a lot of people an appology. I have no excuse for being so savage on the best part of USA map hands down. ETS in three years had a lot of map makers use the users of the map to proof run and then never correct the flaws. Mantrid I’m truely sorry for my comments before I ran the 1.6 map and latest corrections. I have been in this and ETS since the start and its true I don’t contribute to the USA game in mods but I have been corrected by all to a mantrid supporter. I’ll think twice from now on.

  17. All is running like a charme, keep on your good work Mantrid.

  18. Yo guys, anyone having a bug where you can zoom your map out of the border of Nevada and California? A friend of mina can’t set routes or look where he’s at. Any ideias on how to solve it?

    • Ironically mines doing the same exact thing its kinda annoying because you cant quite judge how long of a time a load might be or with me just trying the map out for the first time im not familiar with where the different side roads and what not are. when i first noticed it was when i went to look to see how close the nearest fuel stop was and i couldnt zoom out far enough to even look past denver. otherwise i like the map so far ive only made it to kansas city so far though.

    • This has been asked about 100 times. Use the MHAPro compatibility patch and give it highest priority.

  19. Dennis

    going into Raleigh,NC there is a fence and poles in the middle of the road,when you get past that the road is blocked ,but you can go around it..thx for the hard work

  20. Cory

    Hey Mantrid I really enjoy your maps. It just seems that version 1.6 is giving me problems. When i pick freight market/quickjob it crashes. I tried switching around the priorities and it still didnt work properly. I even made a new profile to see if the map conflicts with other mods. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

  21. 10-4 ill give that a try,

  22. matt byrne

    Mantrid ,many thanks for the coast to coast map,keep up the good work.

  23. Redwings

    Hi Mantrid,
    good work with map 1.6 and the fix… just let you know at Miami to go in or out of the town by hwy 75 just beside the highway you have a invisible wall with the XXXX when you have time to fix it,
    keep doing your good job

  24. Oldbear

    Unfortunately, Hawaii still can not get through to San Francisco! You will possibly be a solution?

  25. Tyree Jamaul Simmons

    I love the way you completed Atlanta its a Nice Smooth Ride i was just wondering if you can complete Philadelphia, PA when you get the chance the part you made was in Delaware County, PA and the Blue Route I-476 connects to I-95 as a 4 lane Interstate Highway, oh and look up Girard Point Bridge, It’s a Double Decker Bridge right south of Philadelphia over the Schuylkill River and Maybe the George C. Platt Bridge i know the Scale of the Map is small but i know roads can be fit into that area at least Market Street Which intersects with both I-76 and I-95 and you have I-676 that also connect those 2 Interstate Highways and don’t forget Broad Street that intersects with I-95 in South Philly right north of the Girard Point Bridge. Thank you for your Creation in something that no one else will do as fast as you :)

  26. Alex

    i falled down from a bridge at atlanta, and all invisible are not remove, i got c2c v1.6 + this patch and its not fix

  27. 56boneshaker

    Mantrid,Coming into Raleigh from the highway 40 next to petrol station there is x’s across road stopping truck going through.Had to go on grass.
    Also just before that telegraph poles and fencing in middle of road.
    Don’t know if already reported to you.

  28. Are you using the correct patch (ie this one). There are 2 the first one didn’t work

  29. Bear

    Mantrid, it seems the game likes to crash going into Phoenix from the south on Hwy 8, but every thing else seems great.

  30. Will

    Need connection into Denver from Albuquerque, Amarillo

  31. m239

    Can you please add Tampa, Florida?

  32. Mutri

    Probably a dumb question but how you guys are doing to see the whole map ?
    Wanted to purchase a garage in Atlanta but when I open the world map, I see nothing farest than El Paso. So cannot buy trucks and assign them on my Atlanta garage. Does someone can explain me how to do to see whole map ? Thanks for the helping hand guys.

  33. bigboy

    @mantrid hope we can get a map update with more roads would like you and the guy doing the Mexican /Canada map work together hope to see 1.7 soon

  34. Grim


  35. Dougcremer

    Help… I cant get into Philidalephia to deliver a load from LA in California. I have tried to enter from all sides. The game locks up as soon as I enter the city. I am using Coast-to-Coast ver 1.6. Thanks

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