Viva Mexico Map 2.1 Rescale (B.C + Baja California Sur)


Compatible with American Truck Simulator version 1.5.x


New update for the map “Viva México” v.2.1, incorporates another state of the Mexican Republic, Baja California Sur … Includes seven new cities.

*** Updates ***

New cities:
• Guerrero Negro
• Bahía Tortugas
• Punta Abreojos
• Santa Rosalía
• Loreto
• Puerto San Carlos
• La Paz
• Cabo San Lucas

-Pack of Skins for cameras designed by: Erick Sandeb
(Coca Cola, Pepsi, Corona, Tecate, Beavers, Sabritas, Pemex, Comex, Cemex, Alpura, Quaker State, Ford and Walmart)

-Bug Correction

-Invisible barriers in companies removed

-Deleting locks in San Diego

-Increased performance



18 thoughts on “Viva Mexico Map 2.1 Rescale (B.C + Baja California Sur)

  1. very good job, hugoces, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. Charles Ball

    Compatible with Coast to Coast?

    1. No

  3. Invisible Wall south of San Felipe where the stream crosses the road. Some road humps ground truck to a halt. Otherwise nice map.

    1. Steve Hollar

      Actually that is not a wall at the creek. I thought so too, but went back and crossed slowly. You bounce around like you are going over river rock but do make it through. Kind of an interesting touch really.

      1. Thank you Steve, I will give it a try, although I did go slowly on the second attempt.

  4. Can you make this compatible with C2C? Thank you kindly.

  5. Steve Hollar

    Looking real good. The speed bumps really do need some work though. Hit one in Mexicali that I flat could not get over while pulling an auto trailer. The trailer would get hung up and raise my rear wheels off the road so no traction. If I went fast enough to clear it, it does major damage. My solution was to drive on the sidewalk to go around it. I would prefer to see realistic speed limits instead of bumps.

  6. to use this map with coast to coast you have to :
    1 – Open the mod/map VivaMéxico
    2 – Open the folder Def
    3 – Open the folder World
    4 – Del file road_look.sii
    5 – Close
    In the mods manager put the maps / mod in the following order:
    1 – Viva Mexico
    2 – Coast-to-Coast Beta

  7. Too many speed bumps and cross creek impossible to climb the coast after

  8. Выложи нормальную ссылку без переходов, задолбаешься вирусы ловить пока скачаешь

    1. Wim Frencken

      write english, lazy russian or don’t come here, stay in your own country

  9. Jaiver Ruge







  10. you have crated a very good map,but there are lots of invisible barriers in your next when you are releasing just check twice or thrice on every area to make sure that there are no invisible barriers.

  11. giraud Eric

    very interesting map, but I see 2 bug:

    1- transparent waal in port of Oakland at Puerto San Carlos, I can’t delivery to this place.

    2- telephone pole on road #1 south bond last curve before La paz. on north side.

    Thank’s for repare and continue youre good job!!!! #1!


  12. I can’t access the rest of mexico. I only get Baja but yet in the video before you play it shows all of mexico.

  13. A video with the latest version of this mod

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