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Engine Sound Pack v5.0

Included in this pack:
2 variants of Cat 3406E
3 variants of Detroit Diesel 60 Series
Detroit Diesel DD13
Detroit Diesel DD15
Detroit Diesel DD16
2 variants of Paccar
Volvo engine
2 variants of Cat C15 6NZ
Cummins N14
Cummins ISX
Cummins X15
Cummins Open Pipe V8

Version 5.0:
– Added support for Volvo VNL 2018 & intnational.9900i
– Added DD15 engine sound to Volvo trucks, Frieghtliner trucks and Western Star trucks
– Fixed a bug
– Adapted for 1.47

trainguy_gaming, Kriechbaum, Slav Jerry, Robinicus


Mack engines and sounds pack for ATS by eelDavidGT v 1.1 (1.44 to 1.47)

This mod contains the engines that are exclusive to trucks according to the brand.
It contains the following specifications and powers:

E9 (in electronic and air ignition variants):
-450 HP
-500 HP
-625 HP

In Trucks:
-CHU 613 (FranckPeru)
-Titán (RTA)
-SuperLiner (RTA)
-R600 (Harven)
-SuperLiner (DielingWu)
-R Series 1973 (CarTruck)
-Ultraliner (CyrusTheVirus)

ENDT, ETAZ & ET Series:
– ETAZ673A 315 HP
– ET673 260 HP
– ENDT675 237 HP
– ENDT676 285 HP

In trucks:
-Titán (RTA)
-SuperLiner (RTA)
-R600 (Harven)
-SuperLiner (DielingWu)
-R Series 1973 (CarTruck)
-Ultraliner (CyrusTheVirus)

Mack MP Series
-CHU 613 (FranckPeru)
-Granite (Odain/Adan Castro)
-Vision (Tio_Ariel)

It contains the following specifications and powers:
-325 HP
-355 HP
-325 HP
-365 HP
-405 HP
-345 HP
-365 HP
-395 HP

-415 HP
-445 HP
-505 HP
-425 HP
-455 HP
-505 HP

-525 HP
-565 HP
-605 HP
-515 HP
-555 HP

v 1.1
-BOV and turbo effect curvature correction.
-Minor corrections to the files.
-Exhaust positioning correction on the E9 V8 Air Start variant.

*Important: If you use the Mack Chu613 mod, make sure that in the workshop, you must select the transmission first, then filter through the engine mod and then choose the options it shows so that you can choose the engine later. Otherwise, the game will close unexpectedly.*

-eelDavidGT (update to FMOD & file modification).
-Kapitan Kriechbaum, Alberto Ríos, SCS (original sounds).
-V2obert, Wilson 212 (engine information for Mack MP Series).
-Harven (icons of engines).


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Smoke in my Trucks v1.2

This mod continuously adds smoke to the exhausts of all original game trucks purchased from the Truck Dealers listed below:
– Freightliner
– Intnational
– Kenworth
– Mack
– Peterbilt
– Volvo
– Western Star

The smoke follows the original direction of exit of its exhausts except the exhausts that are under the trucks. The smoke alters its trail as the trucks change their direction and speed.
The mod will support the current version of the game ATS 1.47

Version 1.2:
* Added smoke to the exhausts of Volvo VNL 300, 740 and 860 trucks



Volvo engines pack for ATS by eelDavidGT v 1.1

Volvo engines pack for American Truck Simulator by eelDavidGT

This mod contains Volvo D11, D13 and D16 engines, where it is used in all Volvo D11, D13 and D16 trucks.

Supports the following truck mods:
-VNL (Aradeth/DirectX)
-VNL 2018 (FrankPeru/galimim)
-VNR (FrankPeru/galimim)
-New VNL (SCS)

In these last two trucks, they have restriction of use of external engines, so for the correct use,
FIRST filter by this mod, then go to Transmission and choose any of the options that are there, and finally, choose any engine that contains the mod.
They must follow that step, otherwise the game will crash or have problems.

List of available engines:

-355, 365 & 385 HP

-405, 425, 435 & 475 HP

-500, 550 & 600 HP

For Volvo VNR and VNL 2018 mods by FrankPeru/galimim, It contains transmissions that will allow its use:
-Eaton Fuller 10-speed
-Eaton Fuller Super 13
-Eaton Fuller Super 13R with retarder
-Eaton Fuller Super 18
-Eaton Fuller Super 18R with retarder
-Eaton RT-18

They are functional for versions 1.39 to 1.47 of the game, includes convoy sounds (available from version 1.42).

v 1.1
-Added New Volvo VNL 2018 (SCS).
-Minor corrections in sound curves.

-eelDavidGT (update to FMOD & file modification)
-odd_fellow, SCS (sounds)

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