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Update v1.2.2:
Added Overfloater international + doms 379
Johnny Cash’s Amateur Engine Pack
Compatible with 1.39,1.40,1.41,1.42 1.43 *can now hear others engines in convoy
Place This engine mod above any truck mods
Please only download through the workshop. Kindly do not re-upload to any third party sites.
JC’s Amateurs Engine Pack. All Sounds have been completely re-worked. It will conflict with my previous “standalone engines” so remove them all and just use this pack
It contains 7 different engines with various HP and options
Cummins N14 with Lope Idle or Standard Idle – 550hp, 810hp, 1088hp
Caterpillar 3408 V8 with Air Start or Key Start – 505hp, 625hp, 810hp, 1066hp
Caterpillar 1693 TA with Cat Brake Saver or Engine Brake – 325hp, 375hp, 425hp, 500hp
Scania DC-16 V8 “Custom” with Lope Idle & Standard Idle – 520hp, 580hp, 650hp, 730hp, 845hp
Scania DC-16 V8 – 520hp, 580hp, 650hp, 730hp
Mack E9 V8 – 400hp, 450hp, 500hp, 620hp, 990hp
Paccar Mx-13 – 455hp, 510hp, 710hp, 1044hp

If you’ve enjoyed my engines and would like some new ones created, please send us a few bucks so I can make that happen by upgrading the equipment and hiring better trucks

Truck Modders – Please dont add this engine directly to your truck without my knowledge. Please contact me first, Its a courtesy thing.
Youtubers & Streamers – Kindly give us a shout out & link to the steamworkshop for your veiwers. I always like seeing the engines being used by others so share your vid with me too.
Compatilable with over 110+ trucks

Further Credits
To Mortal. Its his fault I started engine mods. his pre fmod sounds motivated me to learn how to mod engines. We have now becaome buddies so cheers and thanks & For some of the lope and redline sounds in the N14
To Zeemod for some of the great fmod tips you have shown me and setting the bar so high with your sounds. You sir are the master
To Kriechbaum for the permission to use some of your original samples and for the great sounds you do.
To LarryA & Easystevey for the endless hours of testing and feedback they provide me
To Robinicus for sharing your wealth of knowledge in the SCS forums for all to use and your awesome engine pack.
To Harven, for sharing/creating your videos, & tutorials on how to update engines into fmod and create engine mods.
To VsTerminus for the sounds in the Cat 1693 , and his previous work with the 3408 torque curves.
To Alex Swift for the DC-16 engine sounds
SCS software team for all your on going hard work, making such an enjoyable experience of a game.
Your all a bunch of bloody legends, keep up the great work.
Enjoy Team




This mod is Cummins ISX Signature with straight piped sound for SCS and modded trucks

Version 1.0 Feature:
-Cummins ISX Signature 520-620HP with straight piped sound
-Custom sound attenuation for realistic sound fade off with distortion effects
-Custom exhaust distortion for realistic exhaust tone and works along with custom attenuation
-Custom sound orientation for realistic sounds from different angles
-Included idle jake brake system
-Included Improved Customizable Additional Supported Trucks (CAST) in the mod

Slav Jerry – sound samples, mixing and modding
SCS Software – one sound sample


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International 9900i Mirror Fudge v1.2

1.2 – Made mod compatible with all versions of the game, at least for now.
The International 9900i’s mirrors are very far away from the cab. Even further than the Mack Anthem.
This is a little mod that fudges the left mirror inwards, to make it more visible on the left side of your screen. I have moved it as far inward as possible without changing the actual shape of the mirror structure. However, you will still either need to sit pretty far back, or use an ultrawide monitor to see the mirror fully. These things are truly ridiculous.
Only the interior models of the two mirror variants have been modified; the external model of the truck remains untouched.



Headlight Options v1.3 1.44

– updated to 1.44
– restored “low_beam_color_specular:”

For lighting system introduced in v1.40
updated to 1.44 “part_type” (because of this update, you will experience some temporary glitches until you repurchase headlights)

This mod
– Adds choice of Halogen, LED, or Xenon headlights for all (and only) SCS trucks. (SCS includes headlight definitions; I made them available at the dealers.)
– Widens low beams’ angles.
– Lengthens high beams’ ranges.
– changes color intensities for led and xenon
– Also compatible with Joko_p’s mod “LED DRL + Sequential Blinker for WS 49X” (with permission)
Put this mod ABOVE Joko_P’s mod in Mod Manager.

Notes to EYT:
– anthem: led heat is missing
– mod version not checked for part_type

Eddie Yantz


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