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CanaDream 2.1

Date 2017-02-21 10:35

Coast 2 Coast 2.0 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-CanaDream 2.1
2-Coast 2 Coast Patch
3-Coast 2 Coast 2.0
4-VivaMexico 2.1.1
5-Project West 1.2

-compatible with C2C 2.0 and project west 1.2
-remove airplane connection
-add more truck stop
Eastern Canada Development:
add matane, la tuque, grand falls, caraquet, fredericton, truro, riviere-du-loup, trois-riviere, kingston, maniwaki, parry sound, iroquois falls, chapleau, hearst, sault-sainte-marie, marathon, nakina, dryden, fort frances
Official link: http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=194&t=205149



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30 Responses to CanaDream 2.1

  1. wiseguy

    If possible can you make this compatible with MHA Pro map?

  2. nuttywolf3

    And just where do I find C2C 2.0. I have 1.6 and one of the patches (witch ever one that is) and when I search for 2.0 on here it does not show up. Man I ###### hate patches. -_-

  3. there is not one c2c 2.0 but the last one you can use and the c2c patche they do work because I have tried them all and it works fine..
    I hope that helps you out with this…

  4. nuttywolf3


  5. PJ Drives

    Can someone please help me find the required mods to use this? Confirm that C2C beta patch 4.0 is the correct patch and where can I find Coast to Coast 2.0? Thanks

  6. Chickenlights&Chrome


  7. shaun

    Would it be possible to add MHA? So it’s compatible? Thank you.

  8. Devin

    fall through the road right outside of the new mexico state line

  9. ManiaX

    i add the link for coast 2 coast 2.0 and the moderator delete my reply…

    search on google… sorry

  10. search on scs forum for c2c 2.0

  11. Jamal

    Bug: welcome signs missing on I-25 at New Mexico/Colorado state line, I-70 at Colorado/ Utah state line.

  12. Jaws009

    There is no new city’s it does work but of that

  13. for whatever reason it won’t work on my computer at all and ive tried everything and even the c2c 2.0 won’t for mine for whatever reason

  14. godzilla2076

    when I take plane san diego to Miami or labrador city to Miami the game fall down maybe one mod jam game plz check and fix asap thx.

    • godzilla2076

      that ok I just put bad version of map before I use 2.0.1 sorry I dont check at 2.1 everyting is good.thx

  15. Phil

    Rouyn-Noranda FTW !!! :)

  16. were+is+coast+2+coast+2.0+..when+i+did+find+it+crashed+the+game

  17. Per

    Very nice map, drive on it for 2 days now without any bug-crashes.
    Even Yosemite works good.

    Hope you will rework the citys in the future, its feels like many of them
    are a little similar on the roads in and out etc, maybe make NY bigger etc.

    Really miss Ak NWT and that area, hope it come back with some good roads
    there i not drive in snow :) And Dalton Highway with some mountain roads etc
    will be great.

  18. Alexandre Cyr

    there is a black hole on road 299 near matane

  19. can someone give link to the right c2c map 2.0 as game crashed when i did found it thanks

  20. joesmote0311

    Yeah same here game crashed when downloading this

  21. if ..someone can cornfirm this map crashes when loading c2c 2.0 ….post here thanks

  22. martin

    you can fill something more between the routes are, for example as in the standard map?

  23. brandon antonio contreras mireles

    hola que tal alguien me puede asesorar para poner mods de mapas esque cundo quiero poner un mapa me pone partida no compatible porfa alguien me puede asesorar con eso gracias.

  24. Chris

    will this work with 1.6?

  25. jack

    nao consegui instalar o mapa ,meu ATS e atualizado

  26. infinniti

    do all of these work with the new version 1.6 ?

  27. Rowddy

    no i don’t think so because keeps on crashing during loading after the last official update :( als coast to coast etc. all those maps are not updated yet so no driving for me atm. I hope they all get updated quickly though

  28. ATS TRUCKER *Anonymous*

    Game crashes leaving Denver CO heading towards Cheyenne not sure what is causing this I have tired everything and nothing seems to fix it. Im starting to think its the C2C map its self.

  29. ATS TRUCKER *Anonymous*

    Rolled back to older version’s etc and tried on 1.28 and it crashes no matter what version you use.

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