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Project West v 1.2 – Yosemite National Park

Date 2017-02-18 11:19

A brand new version of the previously named “Realistic California Highways”, now renamed to “Project West” as it compromises more than just California, and does a lot more than just ‘facelift’ great highways.

Some of the biggest changes from the previous version include:
– Addition of YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK ( CA 120 )
– Fixes along I-5 and I-10 freeways.

– Overall changes –
SB I-5 Los Angeles – San Diego
NB I-5 Los Angeles – CA99
NB I-15 Los Angeles – Barstow
EB I-10 Los Angeles – El Centro
EB I-40 Barstow – Arizona border
U.S 101 – Calabasas – Malibu Exit
CA1 Improvements
Several improvements on many roads in SoCal.
California 74 – I-10 – Carlsbad
CA 120 – Tioga Road – Yosemite National Park
Entrance to Las Vegas, Nevada – U.S 95
Roads entering Kayenta, Arizona.

Compatible for: v1.5.x

Check the overall progress and information about the mod here:

Mod compability issues with:
CanaDream ( Setting PW to low priority should be ok )
Viva Mexico ( Setting PW to low priority should be ok )
MHA Pro ( Conflict )



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19 Responses to Project West v 1.2 – Yosemite National Park

  1. Reminder: Remove previous versions of Realistic California Highways before using this!

  2. DigitalX

    Nice work mate! Downloading now to test with the Fog weather mod :)

  3. Know bugs:
    California is recognized as Nevada in speed limits and license plates ( Looking into to find out why this is happening )

  4. This is also compatible with the new C2C V2.0 as long as this is on the bottom. Line-up top to bottom if you are using all 3 maps should be :
    CanaDream V2.0
    Viva Mexico V2.1.1
    Coast 2 Coast V2.0
    Project West
    otherwise you will have disconnected roads. Thank you Stoked_dude.

  5. shaun

    Speed limits are changed in California. As you stated Stoked_dude. I’m running C2C 2.0 and Project West together with no issues except the one I stated.

  6. Ralloh

    Why do you use this MediaFire, piece of #### web site for your downloads? It does not work either with Chrome or Firefox. I click the damned green button, it goes through some cycles, but nothing downloads. Damned frustrating.

  7. SimpleTrucker

    The California is considered as Nevada. (Sorry for my bad English, I’m Belgian)

  8. Went to Yosemite, very nice climb, but I noticed there is no sign for Yosemite nor a marking on the map for Hwy 120. Thanx for your awesome map addition.

  9. paulfred

    Barrier across I-5 just north of San Diego. Looks like water to start with and then turns into barrier.

  10. shaun

    Why won’t it work with MHA? It did when It was called RCH 1.1?

  11. my man great job again but just need you to fix the 8 freeway especially over by where the old formally known as the San Diego Chargers play at and then San Diego is all good

  12. I just can’t get it to work!! How do I use the above PW patch in the the game??

  13. Martin Nielsen

    Hi :-)
    it is a great job that has gone into this. Very nicely :-) thanks.
    Will it be possible to be able to talk to designers of C2C and Canadream and get put something more in their work. The two maps are frankly boring. Viva mexico map is well made with details and the lack of C2C and canadream: – /

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