Map DLC Peru v 1.3

new city:

1. Las Piedras (Puerto Maldonado).

Next cities:

1. ollachea
2. San Gaban
3. La Pampa

Peru credit model:
Jhon Cristian Charca.

Credits Map:
Elvis Madariaga

Facebook page:

Elvis Madariaga

DOWNLOAD [Blogspot]

12 thoughts on “Map DLC Peru v 1.3

  1. Does+your+map+work+with+CanaDream,+C2C+and+VivaMexico?

  2. YES+It is works. Put the two files to your mod folder anywhere.
    Unfortunately, the port does not work yet. Fly there. q:)

  3. Jaiver Ruge

    awesome map, congrats !! the road is awesome and it’s to diffcult to drive at high speed, I love challenges !! have my best regards

  4. keeps+crashing+the+game+for+me.

  5. The archive file is corrupt. WinRar can fix it.
    Elvis Madariaga Upload the correct archive Please.

  6. Thank you for Elvis!

    Works fine, and it works with all map mods as it doesn’t have to link itself to them, completely standalone.

    You need to use the console to get there at first, as there are no ferries, but it’s easy enough once you get there, buy a garage and just “quick travel” afterwards. I just pulled up the console and typed in “goto delta_dos” (minus the quotations) and hit enter. Once you’re there, get closer to the ground and hit F9, go buy a garage – save your game, have fun!

    It doesn’t interfere with other map mods or anything. Haven’t tried on ATS v1.6, but I’m assuming it’ll be broken as with most other mods.

  7. _Classic_

    I spent a lot of time in the previous 2 versions and there were 2 garages installed, so I just quick traveled. Great map, but with limitations.

  8. lost+of+stuff+need+to+fixed+missing+road

  9. Tulioruiz

    hola acabo de instalar el mods y cuando activo el mapa y entro en mi perfil me dice que el american a dejado de funcionar que hago ya e echo muchas cosas ayuda

  10. does it work on 1.6.x versions?

  11. Does it work with 1.4

  12. batista007

    SAlut moi je ne n’a pas a installé la page une

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