Big Caterpillar Engine Sounds Pack


Hi all,

Here’s the updated Caterpillar engines sounds (both 3406E and C15)
The first part of the video is made with the C15, then in a shop i swap to a 3406E a little bit later.

This big mod also adds many engines and sounds :
– Cat C15
– Cat 3406E
– Cummins N14
– Paccar

This sound pack update will be added in the next release of the Peterbilt 389, so you can use it now with my mod, but when the new version of the truck by Viper2 will be here, you will not need to use it anymore.

Link for 389 :

To have the updates of the Pet 389, check this forum :

Same changelog for the W900 :

Truck here:


Author: Kriechbaum


10 thoughts on “Big Caterpillar Engine Sounds Pack

  1. Do this only work with peterbilt or any truck with those engines?

  2. Faelandaea

    Awesome as always :)

  3. Great sounds, as always.

    btw: How to change the gear display? I mean 5L instead of 9

  4. Sounds = Kriechbaum

  5. Excellent mate!

  6. Where can i find that nice chrome bugshield?? Reaally cool =)

    1. You’ll get it at next update of the truck :)

      1. Fantastic =D

  7. really nice sound… as always nice work Kapitan Kriechbaum

  8. Trucker_bob

    link trailer mod.

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