Kenworth W900 Fixed

Kenworth-W900-Fixed-1 Kenworth-W900-Fixed-2

– Standalone
– Dealer Kenworth
– Interior
– Sounds
– Painting
– Metallic
– Tuning

* Fixed a conflict with the default Kenworth
* Corrected motor brake sounds
* Fixed Dashboard

Tested 1.0.0 game version

Authors: grossdodo, vovangt4, slava1, Fixed – vitalik062

DOWNLOAD 74 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 74 MB [Uploadfiles]

22 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 Fixed

  1. Запарило уже это говно из ДБ3. Не могут сделать нормальный трак и вид из кабины. Так и кочует эта дрянь вроде T800, T600 по играм.
    SCS – быстрее добавляйте свой W900L!

    1. Сразу видно русского комментатора. Стыдно должно быть.

  2. NightmareFoxy

    Thanks. :D

  3. working now but the smokes are going the wrong way

    1. It’s because the wind :))

  4. Bl@ckWolf

    !!!! Video American Truck Simulator Mod Kenworth W900 Fixed !!!!

  5. seriously can someone help me please I downloaded it and I see it in game but all of the chrome pieces on the truck ARE BLACK even the grill is just black PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    1. something wrong with the drivers or the video card itself?

      1. I don’t think so the chrome on the stock trucks in the game I can see just fine.

    2. Did you check ingame? I have same problem with some other trucks, they’re black only in main menu and dealer showroom, but ingame and custom shop they’re fine.

      1. it works fine in game I can drive it but its still black everywhere except the body of the truck the rest is black. diesel tank, exhaust, grill basically everything that is made of chrome even in the custom shop still black. I even reinstalled it and nothing.

    3. RubberStig

      This only happens inside the workshop while customizing the truck because chrome reflecting the grey paint of the workshop walls = black. As soon as you go outside it’s fine.

      1. nope not at all even when I go outside it is still black!

  6. I already installed this mod and now they updated it will i have to reinstall it?

    1. Nevermind

  7. why the chrome line in the hood can you put the original hood on the truck please or optional in bodyshop

  8. why the chrome line in the hood can you put the original hood on this truck or optional on workshop and Cummins N14 sound from Kriechbaum

  9. Hi, it replaces the newly released w900 dlc, so they can not be used together :/

  10. Hugh Rowland

    So, is this W900 better than that by SCS?

    1. Different, i love this one a bit more than the original SCS, pro: a lot more options for lights, and stuff. More gadgets on the instrument panel in this one. contra: The scs one has better sound. harder to turn with this mod. the oldschool Kenworth paint is only red.

  11. I prefer this one, plus odd-fellow sound, to the default one, but it wipes out all the default trucks and is therefore impractical.


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