Best Start Save Game (with money and skills)


This is a starter savegame for ATS beginners (and not). Perfect if you want to play ATS with already a lot of money and all the skills.

– Level 1 [All skill points are maxed]

– 1,000,000,000€ Cash [To buy all the trucks you want]

– Tested with ATS last version [should work for all versions]

– How to Install:
Just extract the ZIP-file and copy the folder inside to “My Documents/American Truck Simulator/profiles”.

Author: Assenzio


4 thoughts on “Best Start Save Game (with money and skills)

  1. what is the fking point with these ###### mods..what is he point in playing…guys who make the mods are scrubs and don’t know anything about playing a good game

    1. Michael…You do notice some people want to test mods without having to go through the entire game career? Just because you dont test mods like some people (like me) do, Doesn’t mean you can talk ####..

    2. ken howard

      Who says it’s ######? I might not want to wait 3 weeks to get to level 30, I want to enjoy the game now, not in a month’s time, this mod allows that to happen, stfu, you Muppet.

    3. suk yuh mada batty

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