10 thoughts on “Xp&Money 999.999.999

  1. ######!!!!

  2. You may as well not play the ###### game with “mods” like these.. seriously. Takes the fun out of it.

    1. IloinenUkkeli

      It’s good for testing mods, not if you want to make carreer

  3. When you have that kind of money, what would you ride? buy trucks and garages and they shall serve for decoration.
    Cash and XP are earned by driving rather than hacking !! Your way, the game does not make sense. Why was it playing?

  4. these mods are for lazy people…like the maker..they serve no purpose for people who love to pay the game the right way…with that kind of money you should just retire…and for anyone that dose use it..I hope your game crashes

    1. James Lyle

      It’s for people that one, want to test mods and review mods, two, people that just want the best truck right away because they like the driving part and not the grinding part. Everyone has a different way they want to play ATS, just because you don’t like the XP an Money mod doesn’t mean you get to come here and b*tch. P.S no one is forcing you to download so stop.

  5. go get a life…Mr. James lyle… testing my ###… its for lazy people like you that don’t want to grind you want everything handed to you

    1. I use a profile mod like this to test mods but I play the game correctly on my normal profile. Maybe just watch how u talk to people.

      1. Trucker206

        i agree with you

  6. Anonymous Modder

    Well, these profiles do have their place.

    One use is indeed people who don’t want to earn their way through the game.

    The other is for mod authors such as myself who use them to test mods. I use a profile like this for testing so I can swap chassis, trucks etc as much as I want without worrying about screwing up my main save.

    Then of course, I have my main save which has no money/xp mods..

    So I wonder, if you were making mods, would you use your main save? You know, potentially screw it up by making a mistake in your mod or wasting money constantly buying upgrades/new chassis new trucks etc just to test the mod?

    Would you spend hours and hours playing the game to make a secondary save game just to test your mod?

    Or lastly, would you use a pre-made save like this to quickly test your mod without effecting your main game save so you can get on with making the mod instead of wasting time?

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