Test Area & Reverse Park Challange Area ATS by MLT

This mod adds a test arena to the USA map.
You can test your suspensions here, and there is also a reverse park challenge area.
This area is located on road number 40 between Kingman and Flagstaff.

If you want to teleport, open the console and type ” goto -76612; 40; 13570 ”

MLTs official blog: https://mlts-mods.blogspot.com/
I share the mods I made on my blog. I will be happy if you visit.


MLT , SCS , Mevlutt


3 thoughts on “Test Area & Reverse Park Challange Area ATS by MLT

  1. Benigno Granados

    me solicita contraseña al comprimir, saludos

    1. Canaan X.

      whats the password

  2. James Crowley

    Hell if you’re going to give a free mod for the group the nice thing to do would be to have the password published so that we could use it. Nice job Richard Cranium

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