11 thoughts on “Peterbilt 579 P.A.M. Transportation Services Inc Skin

  1. Heyy, i have all your skins and am realy thankfull for them all =) you did a great job, and i was wondering if i could suggest you as the next skin i tried and i turn out being a truly sad modder heh! to make the Armour Transport Systems skin for the volvo vnl 670, its quite simple but still she gets through me too easyly =((((! on this not good job and keep up the good work on feeding us skins! keeping the game alive ;)

    1. I can do that no problem give me a couple of days maybe less

    2. Ok Nylha your truck is done , just waiting for the admin to upload to this site ….have fun and thanks for the request ….

      1. Awsome! thanks a lot for your time and skills! cant wait =P

  2. good job I’ll add it to my collection. thanks

  3. good job, possible to make Armour transport volvo vnl 670 as future skins?

  4. Thanks, looks great.

  5. Awesome work man! Can you imagine doing another PAM skin for the VNL?

    1. yeh leave it with me Matt for a few days ….

    2. Hi Matt the skin is done just waiting for admin to upload but if your wanting like yesterday you can it it from my site http://fidtemplates.com/ ….. i could not find any reference to the company using the VNL :) so i had to improvise to make it look like the company would decal it up if they used the VNL …..enjoy !

      1. Geez… that was qucik o.O
        Big thanks man! Really appreciate it! I know the real company doesn’t operate
        any vnl’s (as far as i know) but like this i can expand my virtual PAM fleet with this awesome truck ;)
        Many thanks again! Have a nice day! :)

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